I’m going to be a dork and say it’s this image, from Noelle Stevenson’s tumblr, that made me grin the widest.

I think pretty much everyone I know would be pleased as punch to be sandwiched between Jeremy Renner and Tom Hiddleston, or really any of the Avengers. Heck, I’d love a bear hug from Joss Whedon too.  😀  Also, updated to say apparently someone gave Tom Hiddleston some of her comics, and he liked them!  And kept them!  Fabulous for her.  I’m keeping my eye on her, she’s going to be big, folks!

Avengers is how many days away?


So (save for one thing) I’ve been having an awesome week. The season finales for My Little Pony and Young Justice were amazing. As were the Legend of Korra and Game of Thrones episodes. I bought myself several new novels. The comics that I read this week were all well written and interesting. And Neil deGrasse Tyson gave a lecture at my University last night on “Twelve Ways the Universe is trying to Kill You”. And the countdown on my wall until the Avengers movie has now reached single digits. This has been a good week so far.


I have to take off work next week so that I can see Avengers on May 1st. Soooooo PUMPED.

Of course, I’ll still have to honor the tickets I got for May 4th….so I’ll have to see it twice.



This has been a really exciting week for me. I have just been accepted as one of the Core Collections Advisors for Graphic Novels for Ebscohost (formerly H.W. Wilson). I am very pumped about this particularly as the focus for me will be on Canadian titles. I am also very pumped that on Friday I get to listen to, meet, and interview Gene and Bill, the creative team behind Unshelved. The Alberta Library Conference takes place in Jasper, Alberta in the Rocky Mountains which is enough to celebrate on its own!


I have two related happies: First of all my new book (co-written with Scott Robins) is now listed on the Books Debuting at Toronto Comic Arts Festival page. Since we’re listed on the same page as folks I fangirl over (Alison Bechdel, Guy Delisle, Dave Roman, Jim Zubkavich), I’m particularly giddy. And I’m also giddy because we’re having a book launch party at TCAF! Everyone should come! (Assuming you’re in Toronto, obviously.)

The only bad part of going to TCAF is having to delay seeing my birthday present from Joss Whedon, as I’ve taken calling The Avengers. I think it’s awfully sweet of Mr. Whedon to give me Robert Downey, jr. and Chris Evans.

Oh and now that Jack posted the announcement about his California Library Association program, I am happy that such an awesome thing is going on somewhere and sad that it is not going on anywhere near me. Must work on developing that transporter…


This is making me happy this week:


After years of waiting for it to come back into print, I finally got to read Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s surreal opus Flex Mentallo: Man of Muscle Mystery.  Mind may not recover.



I started reading Chocolat after it was mentioned in here and went through 6 issues in only a couple days.  So addicting!  I’m just sad, because it looks like they aren’t publishing the last three volumes.  Why would they do this to me??

Snow: NO NO, they ARE publishing the last three. So we WILL get our Chocolat.


I’m happy that I snagged a digital review copy of Anthony Bourdain’s upcoming graphic novel debut Get Jiro! The premise sounds goofy (battling chefs in some near-future food-obsessed dystopia), and not every chef-turned-TV-personality can be trusted to produce a good comic, but I think Tony might pull it off. I’ll let you know!



What’s making me happy this week?  Several things!  I started reading Afterschool Charisma, which it turns out I love.  Why do I find Freud, Napoleon, and Elizabeth so fascinating as teenage clones?  And I’m so very creeped out by clone Hitler.  I’m partway through the second volume, which I squirrel away from processing during my lunch breaks.  I’m ecstatic over the My Little Pony season finale… more alicorns!  Royal weddings!  Googly eyes!  It was several kinds of awesome.  We also managed to break through the terrible registration system yesterday and get registered for PAX Prime.  I’ve never been to a convention with a baby before, but I’m going to try two this summer… Everfree NW and PAX.  And finally, I really, really enjoyed this picture posted on Emerald City Comicon’s Facebook page… I don’t know who did it, but I love the superhero high five.  It makes me smile.

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