Zig and Wikki in The Cow
In this sequel to Zig and Wikki in Something Ate my Homework, Zig is concerned about the pet fly he acquired in the last book. It won’t eat or fly. Wikki feels that Zig should pay more attention to him instead! Forget the fly. But then Wikki’s screen lights up. Maybe the fly needs to be back in its ecosystem. So it’s back to earth for Zig and Wikki, this time to explore the ecosystem of a farm, complete with grass, cows, and cow patties. As Zig explores the farmyard, Wikki’s screen lights up with information. Zig is interested in the information, but not in Wikki. But when a cow eats their spaceship, they need to work together to get in back.

Toon books continues to produce quality, early readers in a graphic novel format. Loeffler’s art, with its clean lines and simple colors are easy for young children to decode. This book combines simple science information with a gentle lesson on friendship. There is a page of Wikki’s Fun Facts about cows at the end of the book, for readers who want a little more.

Zig & Wikki in The Cow
by Nadjia Spiegelman
Art by Trade Loeffler
ISBN: 978-193517915
Toon Books, 2012
Publisher Age Rating: Ages 2 and up

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