I get to kick things off this week! This hilarious post by graphic novel creator Lucy Knisley, where she talks about watching four seasons of the new Doctor Who in roughly a week and a half made me giggle a lot. (Slightly NSFW become of a tiny bit of nudity.) Best line — “Thank you, Captain [Jack], for basically writing all the fanfiction in the entire world with every piece of your dialogue…”




On the nerdy side, I found myself delighted to read about days in the life of folks working at First Second, including the indefatigable Gina Gagliano in marketing and the puckish Calista Brill in editing.

I am frequently not quite sure what marketing involves, in terms of publishing, and editing is equally vital but occasionally mysterious to those of us on the outside.  I particularly enjoyed Calista shaking her fist at the sky over some other lucky publisher nabbing a great book, and Gina’s alerting me to Faith Erin Hick’s comic review of The Hunger Games movie as well as knowing that everyone takes a little while to get used to new technology and how best to use it.



I just got on my desk and read promptly the Soulless volume 1 manga, I had always wanted to read the books because I’m enamored with anything Victorian and steampunk but I never got around to it. Loved the manga though!



I’m happy because of a random thing over at Scott Kurtz’s PVP again… and this time it’s Axe Cop!  Kurtz is on a trip, so got Malachi and Ethan Nicolle, the creators of Axe Cop, to write a week’s worth of strips where Axe Cop meets Kurtz’s idiotic internet meme-based superhero Lolbat.  Like the ad says:  They team up and eat cheeseburgers!  The week’s silliness starts here.



I’ve just started watching the Soul Eater anime and it is hilarious.  I’m just starting to get into anime, but, beyond Cowboy Bebop had yet to find something I really liked (Peach Girl and Fruits Basket didn’t really do it for me).  Soul Eater is really well done and so funny.  Highly recommended.



I’ve read Victor Quinaz’s Mr. Murder Is Dead and LOVED IT. it’s a story about a Dick Tracy-character who finds himself old, decrepit and retired. He discovers his arch nemesis is killed and launches his own investigation into the circumstances of his demise. The best part about the book is that the flashbacks are drawn in the style of the old Dick Tracy comic serials. Good stuff!




Today (4/4) is a great day for comics.  New issues of Wolverine and the X-men, Fatale, Animal Man, and Sweet Tooth are all coming out today, along with a new Alan Moore penned issue of Supreme!  But what I’m REALLY excited about is Swamp Thing #8.  After last issue’s stunning return of Swamp Thing, I can’t wait to see what happens next in the battle between The Green and The Rot.  Artist Yannick Paquette’s page layouts are uniformly stunning, and Scott Snyder’s careful handling of the story suggests that this will be a run to rival Alan Moore’s.  Swamp Thing is the book I look forward to reading the most every month!





One, Crunchyroll picked up simulcast rights to season two of Kimi to Boku (You and Me), my weekly warm-fuzzy fix now that Natsume’s Book of Friends has wrapped up its fourth season.  It’s about a group of highschool-aged childhood friends who sit around talking about insignificant things, teasing each other relentlessly, and just being stupid, weird, and supportive.  It’s like me and my siblings!  Also, there are random cats.  I don’t care if it’s idealized ridiculousness.  It airs on Mondays and I neeeeeeeed it.

And two, Discotek has acquired the license for the North American DVD release of the Love*Com (a.k.a. Lovely Complex) anime.  I adore the books and was sad that the show wasn’t legally available to me.  But no more!  Woo hoo!



I’m happy that I finally got my hands on Adventure Time #1! It was lots of fun. I particularly enjoyed the little notes in the margins — a nice touch that really took advantage of the change of medium while being true to the spirit of the show.



Avengers vs X-Men #1 came out and it was fantastic. I’m normally wary of events that get hyped this much since they tend to end up flopping big time (like last year’s Fear Itself or Siege the year before that), but this has a really strong start that makes me hope it succeeds. It also caught me off guard because I’m normally such a die hard fan of the X-Men. Yet when I was done with the issue I was strongly in the Avengers camp (whom I also love, but not as much). The writing is just that good and the art matches it blow for blow. I can’t wait to see what happens next!


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