Otto's Orange DayOtto the cat loves the color orange, whether it’s orange flowers, orange socks, or even a tower made of orange blocks. When his Aunt Sally sends him a magic lamp containing a genie, he knows just what to wish for — a world where everything is orange. But as the day goes on, he realizes that his dream world is really more of a nightmare. How will he get everything back to normal when he’s already used his single wish?

In this graphic novel for early readers from Frank Cammuso and Jay Lynch, we get a playful version of the King Midas story perfectly geared for a young audience. Otto is a charismatic protagonist filled with excitement and wonder to whom kids will relate easily. The story incorporates early literacy concepts like rhyming phrases, colors, and interactive elements in its three, easy-to-digest chapters. There is enough conflict and uncertainty to keep the plot moving along without losing any clarity.

Full of vibrant colors (including lots of orange!) that jump off the page, the art is also top notch. Otto and the rest of the characters come to life with bright expressions and movement. The panels are varied and packed with detail, making this a great introduction to the comic format. Part of the TOON Books line, the production quality is high, with thick, matte pages, and a sturdy hard cover. Lesson plans are also available from the publisher to extend the reading experience. Overall, a welcome entry to the growing line-up of graphic novels for new readers.

Otto’s Orange Day
by Frank Cammuso
Art by Jay Lynch
ISBN: 9780979923821
TOON Books, 2008

  • Whitney Winn

    Past Reviewer

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