There’s more Castle Waiting on the way! 

I heard vague rumors of weirdness surrounding second volume and got worried that author/publisher in-fighting would kill the series. I’m so happy to see that’s not the case!




Wolverine and the X-Men was fantastic this week. Chris Bachalo’s pencils are wonderful and Jason Aron’s writing never fails to disappointing. I especially like Kid Omega and Wolverine going gambling IN SPACE. Plus the “The Ray” mini series is the best thing that DC’s putting out right now and I’m really sad that it only has one more issue.


I started reading Hark! A Vagrant. Why did I not get the memo concering how amazing this is?


I finally got a hold of Infinite Kung Fu and am oh so very happy about it.  Kung Fu masters fighting zombies?  Yes, please.





I’ve been thoroughly enjoying reading Gail Carriger and REM’s first Soulless manga — it’s just as much fun as the books, and I love the artwork.  I’m a tiny bit peeved that Alexia is more buxom with a teeny waist, less the substantial lady that we’re led to understand she is in the books, but…sparkly Lord Akeldama and my own favorite werewolf, Lyall, make it all wonderful.  It just makes me wish once again that I could convince all of my friends (who remarkably look the parts) to dress as the entire cast of characters.  Although sadly, we have no hulking Scotsman among our circle of friends…



For the 2nd week in a row, I’m reading something that I can’t believe I haven’t read before now!  After reading Smile again for possible inclusion into our Tween Scene Book Group (yay!), I really wanted to read Raina’s books in The Baby-Sitters Club series.  Wow!  I’ve always read and loved the BSC as a Tween, and I love Raina’s stuff – how did I wait so long to pick them up!  Plus, I need to buy more for my library before this fiscal year ends – they are well used and never on the shelf!!

Jennifer H.

I really, really wish I had thought to take a voice recorder or video camera with me to MegaCon. Stan Lee said something that I thought was excellent and definitely useful to us for advocating comics and graphic novels in libraries or schools….

He was asked a question regarding comic books being “corruptive” (sorry, this is why I wish I had recorded it, cause I can’t remember what was said exactly so I am paraphrasing), anyway, this led Stan Lee to start talking about how wonderful comics are because they catch those reluctant readers and get them hooked on reading more comics. Once they are hooked on comics they will start wondering what else is out there and will start reading other things.

When I told one of my friends about this, she summed it all up by saying “Comics- the gateway drug to reading.” 🙂


It’s Image Expo this weekend!  I’m really excited for the Walking Dead lovefest that will occur there (including a panel with Robert Kirkman and the actors who play Daryl and Glenn — my favorites!), seeing Jonathan Hickman give a design workshop, hearing Brian K. Vaughan talking about his new project, and maybe breaking a couple of Rob Liefeld’s fingers (just kidding).  This is also the first con I’ve been to where I’ll have a press pass (thanks, No Flying No Tights!) so I’m interested to see what kinds of doors this opens up and what secret back rooms I’ll be able to get in!

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