I had 13 teens come watch Adventure Time with me today in my Comics/Manga Club!  (I knew that would get them even if Black Butler wouldn’t).

Plus, I just discovered Jack Kirby and Joe Simon’s Young Romance has been collected in a Best Of edition.  They are so good.  I’ve been trying to only get my books from the library to save money, but this might be one I need to purchase.




Just received The Girl Who Owned a City on my desk and couldn’t be happier, I hope it’s good!





I forgot that I ordered the deluxe edition Bill Willingham’s Bad Doings and Big Ideas for my library! I’ve got it checked out and am really excited to read through it.




Jennifer W.

Finally found a complete copy of Dorkin and Thompson’s Beasts of Burden through inter-library loan! I’ve only seen parts of the stories before. I generally eschew horror, but I loved these!


Just did a huge Manga order for my library. Now all my series are up to date!


I’m both curious and happy that Sentai Filmworks has confirmed that they’ll be doing an English dub for the feature-length retelling of Gintama‘s Benizakura arc.  After 200+ episodes in which to fall in love with the series’ Japanese cast, I don’t know how my ears will accept new voices; but I’m eager to hear the end result and am happy that a US distributor wants to invest the time and money in a property that’s so notoriously “Japanese” in its themes, site gags, and language play (there’s a reason nobody’s tried to dub the actual series yet–having briefly studied translation, I don’t blame ’em).  I complain all the time about recap OVAs, but I can’t help but think that this just means there’ll be more stupidity, scatological humor, and heart-string-tugging to love, no?  Maybe if the film does well enough, Section23 will at least resume releasing the series’ subbed DVDs?  Maybe?  Pretty please?  *blink blink*


I’m happy that all the various folks around my library made quick work of our project to pull all the manga out the Adult Graphic Novel Collection into a new Adult Manga Collection. I’m happy because it eeked out a little more room on our crowded shelves and I suspect our patrons will be happy because it provides a little more browsability. My OCD is happy because there’s something very satisfying about several shelves of identically sized books sitting neat and tidy rows. This sort of fiddly organizing is exactly what I got into librarianship for!

Jennifer H.

I am happy that MegaCon is this weekend!! Yay!


As this week included Valentine’s Day, there were an array of epic comics-related valentines making the rounds, from Gingerhaze‘s adorkable Loki valentines (complete with eyebrow waggling) to Comics Alliance showing off Jess Fink’s gender-swapped valentines (I think the Archie one was my favorite, although Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn were also awesome.)

But my absolute favorite were the New 52 valentine’s from Comics Alliance — the kind of valentines you wouldn’t give anyone you actually like, but are perfect for those of us with a snide sense of humor and a healthy love of mockery.



This morning Dave Roman and Raina Telgemeier came to the library, pulling out all the stops for 230 Alameda fourth and fifth graders. Raina and Dave told jokes and stories, drew pictures and answered questions, and signed a ton of books. It was a fantastic opportunity for our kids and we’re already getting rave review from the parents and teachers. I’m so happy!



I just started Emitown by Emi Lenox which is so good!  How did I not know about this already!?!?  Army Cats!

Matthew Morrison

I’m happy that the effort to help Ghost Rider creator Gary Friedrich has proven successful thus far, in the quest to help Gary with his legal bills following a controversial ruling that has left Gary owing Marvel Comics $17,000 following his efforts to win a piece of the pie following the release of the first Ghost Rider movie.  Anyone interested in helping a founding father of the Bronze Age of comics, who has no insurance, health problems and house payments upon legal payments breathing down his neck, 30 Days Of Night author Steven Niles has started a fund for Gary on his website.

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