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I discovered this tumblr Return to X. Given all of our discussions about CLAMP and their excessive epicness, this came at just the right time.  I was snorting and laughing into the wee hours last night, reliving my unhealthy love for CLAMP’s X/1999 back when it was first released here in the US.  Yes, I loved it, unashamedly.  And now, I can totally see all the massive problems it has.

A bit NSFW in terms of some images and language.  It’s worth starting way back at the beginning of the re-read, which is here. DO read the tags.  The tags MAKE it even more awesome.

Also, I wanted to share the excellent photos of our Mad Hatter Tea Party yesterday at the Manga and Anime club.  I love this kind of event, and we had a blast!


I just figured out that if you go to Kickstarter and search “Comics”, all these webcomics that are trying to get published come up. My reading list just quadrupled, but in the best way!



Although this is fairly old news, I just heard about it now: Swallowing the Earth by Osamu Tezuka raised enough funds to do a reprint. This is fantastic news as I was pushing this manga on everyone ever since I read it – not knowing it was out of print at the time. It’s become one of my favorite books and I’m glad to hear it will be more accessible.




Speaking of Kickstarter, one of the things that’s making me happy this week is that one of my favorite webcomics, Namesake, managed to surpass their goal to get the first volume of their comic published. I was really worried that they wouldn’t since they’re not the best known webcomic. But they made it and I’m going to get an autographed copy of Volume 1!

Jennifer H.

I am loving this fan art comic for Meg Cabot’s Mediator series!


Speaking of Kickstarter, did you all see how the donations for Order of the Stick reprints just obliterated all of the author Rich Burlew’s goals and Kickstarter’s records? Right now he’s at $547,000, nearly ten times his original goal. He seems to be handling it well, updating and adding rewards, being clear about what he’ll be doing with the unexpected windfall. Good for him!

My main happy for this week is that it’s Amy Reeder’s turn on Batwoman! I’ve already gushed about J.H. Williams III’s beautiful work on the series and it’s fun to see another artist I like a lot step in and do really strong work in a different style.

Not happy? My local comic shop didn’t order the Adventure Time comic. I do not know what it wrong with that guy.


Nelson has made me happy this week — Blank State Books out of the UK have put together an anthology of 54 illustrators, each illustrating something each year for the baby girl born in 1968. The comic book follows her growing years one major milestone a year until 2011. It is quite brilliant. All profits from this book go to Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity.




Sure to make Adventure Time fans happy, Mike Krahulik did the cover of the Adventure Time comic.

Jennifer W.

I resisted it for a long time, but I fell prey to Pinterest last night – and discovered it is a great place to pin my favorite webcomics, both those I’m planning to start from the beginning and read all the way through someday and those like Faith Erin Hicks’ Demonology 101 that are on hiatus or finished and I might want to read again later!


I’m happy this week to learn that my library system (just barely!) won the Missouri Book Challenge library staff reading competition for 2011!  And it will come as no surprise to you all that most of the 403 posts I contributed to our review blog were for comics.  😛  Now the battle for 2012 begins….


I’m really excited because the Children’s Librarian and I decided on Time Travel for our summer reading theme.  And I will shortly be decorating the emergency exit door as a TARDIS.


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