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I am super excited because I just finished my first presentation for the 2012 Florida Library Youth Program Summer Reading Program Workshops. I know it sounds way too early to be thinking about summer (I have been thinking about it since last summer, so, oh well). And yes, this is related to comics because I was able to tie-in NFNT, MegaCon, Free Comic Book Day, Avengers, Stan Lee, Dark Knight Rises, discarded graphic novel/manga pages crafts, Campfire Graphic Novels, AND decoupaged comic book shoes into my presentation. —Now I only have 4 four more presentations to go 😉


I can’t remember if I’ve already said this, because I’ve thought of saying it a few times now, but I finally finished Habibiand am stunned.  It was really gorgeous.  The artwork, in particular, is a real achievement.


This week, I’m happy to learn that Cowboy Bebop director Shinichiro Watanabe and composer Yoko Kanno are teaming up again!  See a teaser trailer and brief articles here and here. More jazz!  More awesome!  *more squee*  😀

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When I first came to the branch where I currently work, the graphic novel collection was a mess!  Ignoring the fact that there was just one graphic novel collection with all the graphic novels gathered together regardless of content or rating (Baby Mouse shelved next to Hellsing!), there were all numerous gaps in most of the manga series. This was partly due to damaged books never being replaced and the person previously in charge of ordering graphic novels placing several series on standing order, without ever bothering to get the previous volumes.  So the Narutocollection consisted of Volumes 2, 5, 8, 15, 31,32 & 33. I mention this so you can fully appreciate the reason I am happy this week.  Thanks to a recent grant, I was able to place an order this week that will fill all the remaining gaps in our Teen Manga collection!  No more will I have to explain why we have book 4 of Skip Beat and 14-16, but nothing else!  And now I can focus my collection development on all the new series I want to purchase!


I’m work in a public library, not a school, but I was still happy to see the webcast Scholastic Graphix is offering on March 7th for teachers.  I honestly can’t think of three names with bigger appeal to older grade school and middle school students than Jeff Smith, Raina Telgemeier, and Kazu Kibuishi.  What a power line-up!  I hope it’s a great success.

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Both my cataloging and comic-loving sides are deeply pleased that I have found the exact size of plastic tubs I have been looking for – and I can now happily catalog and organize my comic collection. I am looking forward to figuring out which issues I’m missing from my Batman and Deadpool runs.


So Christine Love’s new visual novel, Analogue: A Hate Storywas released on Wednesday! I got it on Wednesday, and have gotten Ending #2. It completely exceeded my expectations, Christine Love writes so exceptionally well.

It’s your job to search the records with the help of the AI on the ship’s computer to discover what happened. But really you can decide what the main story should be. You can decide to assume the role of a criminal investigator or you may find the AI more interesting as people, if that’s not a contradiction in terms (which it absolutely is). It’s a testament to Christine Love’s skill as a writer that she makes the player feel this way. It’s hard enough to get the player/reader to empathize with a fictional character, but to achieve this when that character is also not alive within the conceit of the game is truly extraordinary. – from the review at ggsgamer:


All day I’ve been sneaking peeks at people’s postings of their Hourly Comics from yesterday. Vera Brosgol, Lucy Knisley, Raina Telgemeier, and tons more have posted their comics either on their websites, on Flickr, or here. The best way of peeping on your favorite artists without actually being creepy.



Just when I thought I wasn’t going to have a happy this week, a few different sites linked to Boulet’s 24 Hour Comic Darkness. It’s so good! It’s a fun premise, playful art, and a really satisfying twist at the end. I hadn’t heard of Boulet before but will have to keep an eye on his website.


I too read Boulet’s ‘Darkness’ — wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was a delight! Ryan A.’s ‘Sarah and the Seed’ is another new online graphic story that is just gorgeous with great tension and suspense. I can’t get enough of these single-shot online comics!

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