I think mine has to be these instructions to make my very own stuffed Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes.  Because 1) it’s adorable and 2) I can actually sew that by hand without much fuss.  HOBBES.  Of my VERY OWN.



Just started “Siege: Battlefield”  I do love my superheros.

Jack: Siege: Battlefield is surprisingly good!  Check out Siege: Embedded too, if you haven’t.  I wrote a whole article for VOYA on Siege and Blackest Night, so can be looked up for any crossover-related questions or opinions.  Which… might not be something to brag about…


I finally am getting to read all of Girl Genius and I love it.  Particularly the cat and the little clanks.  Hopefully, it will all be in book form soon!


It came up a couple weeks ago in one of our discussions, but I decided to pick up the first volume of Bomb Queen by Jimmie Robinson. While I understand certain people won’t find anything to like about it, I really enjoyed it because the book is pure, mindless fun. It was a perfect fluff read and I can always a appreciate a villain who delights in their own evilness (instead of just brooding about it the whole time). It never takes itself seriously, making the read all the more enjoyable. I’m going to try and pick up the rest of the series when I can.

Jennifer W.

I am happy that I got permission to move our juvenile graphic novel to a bigger space! The circulation of our one shelf range of juvenile graphic novels EQUALS the circulation of our juvenile chapter book fiction which is almost 3 times larger. So excited to give these books more space – and looking forward to all the great new things I will be adding this year, including the much-requested Lego Ninjago, Twisted Journeys, Smurfs, and MORE!


I am so very happy to see the return of Gil’s Schmott Guy hat in Girl Genius.  I am also saddened by its quick departure.  The magnificent hat first appeared back in 2008, given to him by the Jägers as a sign of respect.  It has come and gone in the comic, mostly to assure people that Gil is indeed the heir to Wulfenbach empire.  My all-time favorite hat moment remains the final panel in this strip, when Gil attempts to prove to the crowd that he is who he says he is….  I’d love to see someone cosplay the hat!

This is, of course, coming from someone who’s a little Girl Genius-obsessed and was the recipient of Jäger perfume and a Mamma Gkika messenger bag for Christmas.  I guess my family loves me and my quirks.


I’m happy that Jmanga has added one of Hiromu Arakawa’s pre-Fullmetal Alchemist manga, Hyakusho Kizoku, in which she bemusedly discusses her years as a farmer in Hokkaido.  It’s almost enough to make me pay for a full site membership, but until they work on a few more user-friendly tweaks and come down a wee bit on their general pricing, I’ll be patient, remain a registered guest, and save up my money.

I think this is my favorite line from the description: “She raised cows, grew vegetables, feared bears and got jerked around by squirrels!”  *snort*  You can view the preview here.  (“Impatient potatoes!” hee hee!)


I’m really happy with FullMetal Alchemist! I read 14 volumes since yesterday, and I’m ready to finish the series- it’s so good! I watch the anime when it aired on Adult Swim (Studio Bones is my favorite), but stopped when I learned that it diverged from the manga….and then waited years to sit down with the manga.

It’s even better than I remember. Can’t wait to see how it ends!


These Avatar: The Legend of Korra clips are making me quite happy. The animation looks good and I was really pleasantly surprised by the apparent technological and cultural developments in the characters’ world. It’s a fun idea that I just hadn’t thought about at all!



What’s making me happy is this shirt that I got as a present from my brother!  In case the picture’s too small, it says, “Vintage Librarian, dedicated to defending graphic novels!”  I wore it with pride as I walked by the new graphic novel shelving unit in the children’s section.  Before, they were all shelved in the 741.5’s with the adult graphic novels in the back of the library.  In house use is definitely up, but I’m crossing my fingers circulation follows shortly.

Also- I’m not affiliated with the store in any way beyond owning that t-shirt.


Okay, so this Vera Brosgol comic didn’t exactly make me happy, but it is a truly excellent example of how wordless comics should be done. I LOVE a really good wordless comic.

Thanks to Martha Cornog, librarian-extraordinaire at Library Journal, I’m now VERY happy to know that there’s a new Guy Delisle book coming out in April. The title is Jerusalem and I am sure I’ll love it as much as I love Pyongyang and Delisle’s others.



I got the copy of Hilda and the Midnight Giant by Luke Pearson that I ordered direct from the UK and it’s such a delightful, magical story great for everyone from kids to adults. Highly recommended! It’s unclear if it will be distributed more broadly in the US, but it’s available direct from the publisher or from Book Depository.


What is making me happy this week is belonging to a group of like minded individuals who not only make my life easier and more interesting, they also help me spend my money. One copy of Hilda and the Midnight Giant coming my way now also.


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