From the families of the Fantastic Four, X-Men, Spider-Man and more come the awesome Pet Avengers! With abilities far beyond that of mortal animal, Pet Avengers Lockjaw, Throg, Lockheed, Hairball, Ms. Lion, Redwing, and Zabu are entrusted with a very special mission – a mission, if failed, will mean the end of everything thanks to the cruel hand of the ultra powerful Thanos! Although their masters are not aware that their super pets have been entrusted with this mission, the Pet Avengers will do everything in their power to bring back the six powerful gems, that when all together, can mean goodness or evil. Pet Avengers…Assemble!

The Infinity Gems…six multicolored gems that make those who possess them all together all knowing and powerful. Unfortunately, the Pet Avengers aren’t the only ones looking for the gems; the evil Thanos is also looking for them, and if he gets them again, he’ll finish what he failed at the first time – destroying the universe! There’s no way these plucky pets are going to let Thanos have the last laugh; from the sky to the depths of the ocean, dog to cat to bird, these Pet Avengers will do whatever it takes to get the six jewels back in the hands of right!

As they travel from present to past and from jungles to the White House, the Pet Avengers realize that their true hearts and intentions put them on the right path to the jewels. They soon realize that it’s only by working together will they be successful in their quest. However, when Thanos becomes aware of their journey and adventure, he becomes enraged at the thought of mere animals taking away his one chance of destroying the universe. When Lockjaw and Thanos are pitted together in a final face off for the gems, will Thanos’ super powers overwhelm the mighty dog or will Lockjaw have the last bark?

In this trade paperback which collects Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #1-4 as well as mini stories of each Pet Avenger and a Marvel Pets Handbook, both new and seasoned Marvel readers will be amazed and amused at their heroic journey to find the gems. Humor finds its way throughout this action packed story as readers get to know all the Pet Avengers and possibly pick their favorite of the bunch! The mini stories of each pet at the end are cute introductions to those readers who are new to the Marvel Universe and the Pet Handbook is also a wonderful addition for those who want to know about all the pets and animals in the Marvel world. The story is fast paced and exciting with all the characters learning that working together can bring about great change and success. Ig Guara’s colorful and expressive illustrations are fabulous and really give each Pet Avenger his or her own personality against all the other strong elements in the story. Younger readers will see how cooperation across species can be successful and older readers will love this new story that highlights different characters that they may not be used to reading about. These Pet Avengers will definitely save the day!

Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers
by Chris Eliopoulos
Art by Ig Guara
ISBN: 9780785141235
Marvel, 2010
Publisher Age Rating: All Ages

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