Made for Each Other by Paul D. Storrie takes over where Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein leaves off. What if the monster did not destroy himself upon discovering his master dead? What if he had survived only to continue the doctor’s experiments?

Maria and the new guy, Tom Stone, hit it off right away; but there is just something that Tom isn’t telling her. He likes her music, but she never sees him around listening, plus he is always helping his dad, Dr Franklin Stone, at their creepy funeral home. When she finally discovers the truth, will she be accepting?

Made for Each Other is volume 2 in the My Boyfriend is a Monster series of graphic novels for teens. It capitalizes on the current reader obsession with paranormal and supernatural literature. This is not a parody though at times the situations seem a bit like something out of a Scooby adventure. They are cute, romantic, and enjoyable. A perfect choice for reluctant readers.

Made for Each Other #2: Made for Each Other
by Paul D. Storrie
Art by Eldon Cowgur
ISBN: 978-076137077
Graphic Universe, 2011
Publisher Age Rating: 12 & Up

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