“WARNING: These aren’t your parents’ Greek Myths!” With monsters and gods and heroes and bunnies, these tales have it all. Action! Romance! Stupidity! A Toaster! Michael Townsend retells nine Greek myths with his unique style of humorous comics.

Townsend, creator of the Kit Feeney graphic novel series, turns his attentions to classical mythology, proving that no subject is safe from laughter. Readers, especially boys, will be thrilled with his no-holds-barred silliness while they also learn the basics of several Greek myths. Even though Townsend adds wacky touches–child Hercules turns the poisonous animals Hera tries to kill him with into socks and Arachne raps about her weaving prowess–he keeps the basics of the myths intact. Many of the changes are simple edits to make them more child appropriate, but even those are done with a light touch….

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Amazing Greek Myths of Wonders and Blunders
Michael Townsend
ISBN: 978-0-8037-3308-4
Dial Books for Young Readers, January 2010

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