This is it, this is the moment that Binky has been training for–he has finally been deemed Space Cat Qualified by Felines of the Universe Ready for Space Travel (F.U.R.S.T.). Now he can live up to his true destiny, defending his humans against the scourge of bug…er, alien invasion.

Spires’ graphic novel is a treat for anyone who’s ever dreamed of the glory of being an astronaut, as well as anyone who has ever loved a cat. Kids will laugh at the silliness of Binky’s quest, knowing that bugs aren’t really aliens, but also knowing that cats can’t resist trying to catch a flying insect. What makes Spires’ silly story work is that she doesn’t forget the little details. For example, is Binky a housecat who never goes outside…or is he living on a space station surrounded by the vacuum of space? Then there are the details about Binky’s astronaut training and his research into the nature of bugs and aliens. All of these little elements, contained in just 64 pages, add up to a believable world as viewed through the eyes of one little cat.

The art in Binky is as adorable as the story….

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Binky the Space Cat
Ashley Spires
ISBN 978-1-55453-309-1(hc)/978-1-55453-419-7(pb)
Kids Can Press, August 2009

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