Two young men—Nomiya, a high school dropout haunted by an accident he caused, and Kiyoharu, a cancer survivor who lost a leg to the disease—find themselves altered by the sport of wheelchair basketball. Nomiya is just looking to keep playing the game he loves, something made difficult by the lack of teams outside of high school. Kiyoharu wants to find other player who’ll play at his level of dedication and intensity, something he doesn’t see in the local wheelchair team. Together the two form an odd friendship, bound by anger, frustration, and a burning desire for something real.

Inoue, the manga-ka behind Japan’s mega-popular sports manga Slam Dunk, turns his gaze to another type of basketball in this unflinching and engaging title. Real’s power is in the characters….

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Real, vol. 1
story and art by Takehiko Inoue
ISBN: 9781421519890
VIZ Media, 2008

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