Michiru sometimes sees lines no one else can see on the necks of people around her. These lines range from light grey to dark black and the darker they are, the closer that person is to death. But when she sees that same ring on two classmates who miraculously survived a horrible accident, she is caught up in a mysterious world where every decision she makes could change her life…or mean her death.

Peach-Pit, the manga duo behind such titles as Shugo Chara and Rozen Maiden, takes a turn into darker territory with this bloody tale of zombies and the boys who hunt them. Their girls still have their trademark gigantic eyes and small features, which plays nicely off of their angularly good-looking leading men. The humorous touches they are also known for are still here as well, but this story is more introspective then their other works. Michiru has good reason to wonder if she is better off alive or dead and by forcing her to make that decision also forces the reader to think about their own life.

Thoughtful meditations on the value of life don’t get in the way of the action, though. Movement lines abound and the last chapter, in particular, ups the violence to a level not usually seen in their work, earning the series its older teen rating. Many other details of story and plot are skimmed over or not addressed, but there are plenty of hints that these plot threads will be woven back in in future volumes. Whether you’re a long-time Peach-Pit fan looking for something new from your beloved creators or a reader looking for a good action story that happens to have cute boys, Zombie-Loan will capture your attention and leave you ready for the next volume.

Zombie-Loan, vol. 1
ISBN: 978-0-7595-2353-1
Yen Press, 2007

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