Tiger Moth, fourth-grade ninja, and his sidekick Kung Pow face a mysterious new foe in this third book in the Tiger Moth series. Mysterious clues and dastardly villains abound as Tiger Moth tries to find out who is organizing the bad bugs of the town.

Reynold and Lervold’s story is cute and certainly has potential to appeal to kids, but its extremely short page count leaves readers hanging just when they’ve gotten into the story. Adults reading along with their kids will find that Tiger Moth’s adventures hearken back to older comics in both feel and wording, especially when Tiger Moth is speaking. Kung Pow is a traditional sidekick, offering a mirror to reflect the hero and being on hand to add comic relief. Making the characters bugs is an inspired choice….

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Tiger Moth: the fortune cookies of Weevil
Written by Aaron Reynolds; illustrated by Erik Lervold
Stone Arch Books, 2007

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