It’s the update you’ve all been waiting for!

Afterlife (Volume 1)
After School Nightmare (Volume 1-2)
Aishiteruze Baby (Volume 1)
Apothecarius Argentum (Volumes 1)
Angel Sanctuary (Volume 1)
Beauty is the Beast (Volume 1)
Beyond the Beyond (Volume 1)
Black Cat (Volume 1)
Blank (Volume 1)
Blood Alone (Volumes 1-2)
Cain Saga (Volume 1)
Can’t Lose You (Volume 1)
Descendants of Darkness (Volume 8)
The Embalmer (Volume 1)
The Flower of Life (Volume 1)
G. I. Joe Reloaded
Her Majesty’s Dog (Volumes 2-4)
Kamui (Volume 1)
Kare First Love (Volumes 1-4)
Kaze Hikaru (Volumes 1)
King of Thorn (Volumes 1)
Let Dai (Volumes 1-2)
Lie to Me
Mangaka America
Mary Jane: Homecoming (Volume 2)
Milennium Snow (Volumes 1)
Mugen Spiral (Volume 1)
My Heavenly Hockey Club (Volume 1)
Nightcrawler The Winding Way
One Thousand and One Nights (Volumes 1-3)
Ouran High School Host Club (Volume 2)
Oyayuihime Infinity (Volume 1)
Pastel (Volume 1)
Peppermint (Volumes 1)
Le Portrait de Petite Cossette (Volumes 1)
Pride of Baghdad
Princess Princess (Volume 1)
Project Telstar
Project X: Nissin Cup Noodle
Project X: Seven-Eleven
Queens (Volume 1)
Return to Labyrinth (Volume 1)
R.I.P.: Requiem in Phonybrain (Volume 1)
Rising Stars of Manga (Volume 6)
Rose Hip Zero (Volume 1)
School Rumble (Volumes 1-3)
Snow (Volume 1)
Star Trek: The Manga
Strawberry Marshmellow (Volumes 1)
Time Guardian (Volume 1)
Train + Train (Volume 1)
Trinity: Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman
Tsukiyomi Moon Phase (Volumes 1)
Ultra Maniac (Volumes 1-5)
The Wallflower (Volumes 1-9)
Check ’em out here.

One small change, as well, to all the genre lists — all the lists are in alphabetical order by title now, to make it easier for everyone to locate their favorite reviews while browsing. Also, there are now linked lists at the top of each genre page for added convenience.

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