When you’ve known someone for what seems like forever, do you ever think back on your first impression of them? Did they take your breath away or just get on your nerves with little quirks you’ve now learned to appreciate? How much more intense must that first meeting have been for three of the world s greatest superheroes? Batman and Superman already know each other well enough to meet out of costume, so Wonder Woman is the new kid on the block as they team up to try to bring down Batman’s old nemesis, Ra’s Al Ghul. The biggest weakness of this work is its amorphous grasp of date and time. Wonder Woman’s costume is old-fashioned looking, as is Bruce Wayne s limo, Dick Grayson is a young boy, and there is talk of the Soviets, making it seem like the mid-1950’s, but the other cars on the road, the computer technology, and the passersby on the street all seem to be set modern day. However that becomes an almost minor complaint when confronted with Wagner s beautiful art and his knack for characterization. Superman is the earnest Boy Scout, eager to help and worried about the darkness he senses in Bruce. Wonder Woman is unused to accepting help from men and they are unsure of what to make of her majestic presence. Batman is so consumed by his mission that his thoughts are expressed in third person, as if there was no humanity left in him, only duty. Despite its flaws, this is a title worth reading and a decent choice, if not a first choice, for library purchase.

Trinity: Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman
by Matt Wagner
ISBN: 9781401201876
DC Comics, 2004

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