Cross-dressing bishonens! Tsuda’s series is tailor-made for fangirls. Due to family problems, Tohru Kouno transfers to an all-boy school midway into his first year of high school. He’s not excited about the lack of girls, but soon discovers that things are even worse than he’d imagined. It seems that his school chooses pretty boys in the first year to act as “princesses.” They dress up as girls and cheer for sporting events and club practices—and Tohru’s good looks mean he’s perfectly suited for the role. With femininely beautiful Yuujirou Shihoudani and the very reluctant Yutaka Mikoto, Tohru will find that dressing in drag may be the least of his problems.

Tsuda, who also writes boy’s love under the name Taishi Zaou, has crafted a very funny ode to friendship, with ties to her series The Day of Revolution and Family Complex. The plot occasionally meanders, but always has its eye focused on the relationships between the three princesses and another freshman boy. Their interactions are amusing and believable and it’s a pleasure to watch them together. Tsuda’s art shows her boy’s love roots–the boys are almost supernaturally pretty, which leads to many humorous situations, such as the older boys in town who constantly mistake Tohru and Yuujirou for girls and try to pick them up. Some of the humor is for older readers, like when Yuujiroo describes what type of breasts he prefers or when Tsuda plays with shojo drama conventions like abuse and family problems. Overall the tone is light and characters often break the fourth wall, discussing the background or panel placement. For fans who’ve come over from the boy’s love genre, Tsuda makes things clear that this series is shojo, but there is enough fan service to make readers happy, including a cross-over in book three with Tsuda’s friend, and fellow boy’s love creator, Eiki Eiki. A highly recommended series for readers who love bishonens, cross-dressing school stories, and humor.

Princess Princess, vol. 1-3
By Mikiyo Tsuda
Volume 1 ISBN: 9781569708569
Volume 2 ISBN: 9781569708552
Volume 3 ISBN: 9781569708521
Digital Manga, 2006-2007

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