A clean slate modernization of G.I. Joe with new storylines, character designs, and real world problems. Nowadays the popular thing is to take old titles and clean them up, revise them, get rid of anything from the past, and introduce them as brand new. G.I. Joe Reloaded falls into that category but not in a bad way.

Cobra, shedding its terrorist roots to become a para military organization, is trying to usher in a new world order in America. Naturally, this is a job for G.I. Joe who is so secret that they even face conflict from their own military. All the favorite characters are here, some with new designs and genders, and each works nicely together to move the story forward. I especially enjoyed the plot involving Snake Eyes along with the witty, and characteristic, dialogue between Beach Head and everyone else.

The artwork is incredible without overshadowing the rest of the work. It brought me back to sitting on my living room floor as a seven year old watching this ‘80s cartoon staple. This isn’t one of the giants on the field but it is an enjoyable piece of fandom that will appeal to children of the ‘80s and today’s teens. Unfortunately, the series ends with issue 14 because it didn’t get enough of a following. Don’t let that deter you from adding it into young adult collections.

G.I. Joe Reloaded, vol. 1: In the Name of Patriotism
By John Ney Rieber
Art by Eddy Barrows, Javier Saltares, Ron Lim, Jason Millet, Andrew Pepoy
ISBN: 1-932796-23-1
Image, 2005

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