In December of 1348, the last dragon of the Western world was finally defeated, driven back into her cavernous lair, and forgotten for almost 700 years–until a group of goblins in modern-day Switzerland stumbles onto her, waking the ferocious beast once more. Meanwhile, resting at home on Themyscria, Diana of the Amazons, also known as Wonder Woman of the Justice League of America, finds out from two little nymphs that the Oracle of Delphi is going to foretell her death. She convinces them to take her to the Oracle so she can hear the prophecy for herself and the Oracle tells her that if the Justice League faces the dragon, they will die. Now Wonder Woman must fight her greatest battle, to defeat and incapacitate the Justice League one by one, so that she is the only one to face the evil drakonis serpente.

Alright, yes, basically the plot is “Wonder Woman fights a dragon,” but don’t be quick to dismiss this title on the basis of a seemingly cheesy plot. Christopher Moeller has thought things through. Unlike any of the other JLA members, Wonder Woman is a modern day remnant of ancient Greece and Rome. And who better to face a creature of myth than a woman born from mythology? Moeller reinforces the fantasy elements of his story through his superb artwork. Drenched in color, with soft, pastel paint-like edges, his pictures perfectly capture the characters and their struggles. This is a wonderful, highly recommended tale of a good person struggling to save the people she loves, even if it means breaking their trust in her.

JLA: A League of One
by Christopher Moeller
ISBN: 156389923X
DC Comics, 2000

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