Something interesting is going on inside Gordon Yamamoto’s left nostril, something which could change his understanding of the world… if he was just smart enough to figure out what’s going on. Luckily for the Microids of the San Peligran Order whose tiny space ship has crashed in Gordon’s sinuses, Gordon has never been very bright leaving most of his neurons and synapses unused. The Microids have developed a sophisticated system of data storage to protect the earth, using dumb jocks’ empty brain cells for file storage and data recovery. Until now, Gordon has lived with the San Peligrans’ files taking up most of his brain space, obliviously tormenting weaker, geeky kids at school with his pack of cretinous friends and nearly failing every class. The current problem of the crashed data-collection ship can’t be ignored, forcing the Microid pilot to reveal himself to Gordon in order to make some repairs. To Gordon’s dismay, the broken-down ship can only be fixed with a manual that the pilot must download from another data storage device down the street – Miles: the King of the Geeks and the smartest, most picked-on guy at Gordon’s school. From here the story turns into a headlong melee of homicidal animal crackers, a donut that contains a rift in the space-time continuum, an abusive dad, and a genius baker named Sammy. I promise you’ll never think about blocked sinuses and baked goods in the same way after you read this story – whether or not this is a good thing, I’ll let you decide for yourself. Hidden within all the silliness, snot, and chocolate sprinkles is a sweet story of an unlikely friendship between adversaries and a reminder never to take stereotypes about geeks, dumb jocks, and bakers too seriously.

Gordon Yamamoto and the King of the Geeks
by Gene Yang
ISBN: 0943151953
SLG Publishing, 2004

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