Yongbi is a young and daring bounty hunter who isn’t afraid of anything. One day he comes to the small village of Gang Ho, where he encounters and captures Goo Hwi, the feared leader of the Black Snake assassination organization. Yongbi then finds the child of Mok In Yul, a rich an powerful merchant who lives in Hobook Castle. Yongbi takes him there along with Goo Hwi, who constantly threatens Yongbi with retribution from the members of the Black Snake, who surely would have noticed that their leader has been captured. Upon reaching Hobook Castle, things should have become easier for Yongbi, but hid pursuers catch up with him and war between rival organizations erupts. Yongbi is caught in the middle, forced to fight his way out of a sticky situation. The story is full of interesting plot twists and detailed artwork as well as a surprisingly funny cast of characters, making this manga one that should definitely be checked out.

Yongbi The Invincible, Volume 1
ISBN: 1586649671
Story by Ki Woon Ryu
Art by Jung Who Moon
CPM Manhwa, 2004

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