Wild Com. is actually a collection of three short stories. The first, “Psychic Squad Wild Com,” features a young girl named Michiru Ozeki who has the power to control fire. At first she is scared of her powers and tries to deny it or pretend it isn’t there, but she eventually is persuaded to use it to help save people from a forest fire, at which point she finally accepts her powers and agrees to become a member of the Psychic Squad. The second story, “The Beasts of June,” is a love story that is filled with death, powerful symbology, interesting metaphors, and artwork that enhances everything very effectively. The third story is “The Eye of the Needle” and is the creepiest and most shocking story of a trio that are all quite disturbing, yet highly intriguing and complex, grabbing hold of the reader’s attention until the very end. This last story is especially so, as a very handsome man named Shiki Haibara rises to fame and splendor. However, he is brought down by a dark event in his past that he hadn’t even remembered, not to mention his abandoned girlfriend Uiko. Shiki’s vanity and arrogance end up being his undoing as he meets a sinister end. These three stories, though short, are among the most creepy and dramatic tales that I have read. They will suck you right in and won’t let go until the end; if you like mystery, horror, and drama, Wild Com. is one that I can wholeheartedly recommend.

Wild Com.
ISBN: 9781591165590
By Yumi Tamura
Viz, 2004

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