Everything and everyone in the remote Japanese town of Kurozu-cho has been touched by the evil of the Uzumaki (spiral), until every spot and step seems cloaked in a miasma of foreboding. Under a curious spiral-shaped cloud from the smokestacks of the local crematorium, the townspeople cling to normal lives until disaster inevitably strikes. Kirie doesn’t think she’s anyone special, and in fact she’s amazingly normal considering the upheavals her town’s resident spirit has wrecked on her life, but for some reason she keeps finding herself at the center of Kurozu-cho’s malevolent spiral. The dead won’t stay dead in Kurozu-cho, hideous plants blossom in dark rooms, and the lines between the human and insect worlds are becoming ever blurrier. In every story Kirie’s friends, classmates, and family are horribly transformed before her eyes until even society’s safest places become beacons and breeding grounds for the spiral’s darkly magical effects. As the spiral maelstrom of Kurozu-cho swirls with Kirie at its center, she is powerless to stop evil’s progress or to help her friends, watching helplessly as disaster follows disaster.

Uzumaki: Spiral into Horror, vol. 2
ISBN: 9781421513904
by Junji Ito
Viz, 2007 (new edition)

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