Young girls are being murdered in the basement of Osaka University, and the Summons Department of the Ministry of Hades is picking up unusual disturbances in the realm’s psychic defenses. Something is seriously wrong in Osaka, and as usual it’s up to shinigami (“Guardians of Death”) Tsuzuki and Hisoka to investigate. This time the dynamic duo is supervised by the Ministry’s flighty alchemist Watari, who clearly knows more about this case than he’s letting on. Possibly Watari wants to protect his partners from the discovery that their old enemy Dr. Muraki has reappeared, but Muraki himself soon makes these precautions useless, challenging Hisoka and Tsuzuki with his usual blend of threats and hints of future crimes. Disguised as a schoolteacher, Tsuzuki races against time to protect the life of Muraki’s next intended victim only to walk into a trap himself. Faced with a terrible secret about his past Tsuzuki wrestles with his memories and his conscience, but seems unable to escape Muraki’s evil control. Yoko Matsushita writes in her author’s notes that she’s very excited to work on a story that will last for two whole books, and she’s true to her word, ending Volume 7 at a cliffhanger. All I can say is thank goodness Volume 8 is already available! This story line explores some new relationships within the Ministry of Hades, giving us tantalizing snippets of information about Tsuzuki’s life before he became a shinigami, and the powerful bond that unites Tsuzuki with his old partner Tatsumi. For all these characters, the past is a dark and complicated story whic might hold the key to defeating Dr. Muraki once and for all.

Descendants of Darkness, vol. 7
by Yoko Matsushita
ISBN: 9781591169833
Viz, 2005

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