The second Tom Strong book doesn’t follow Book 1 chronologically but instead explores various plot threads that are only hinted at in the previous volume. In one episode a young Dhalua waits on Attabar Teru dreaming of Tom until she is visited by a very different kind of vision. A few decades later Tesla is fighting battles on her own and putting her parents’ equipment and teaching to good use first to save her own life and later to re-arrange a city that has been tilted 90 degrees to the right by the daughter of one of Tom’s old nemeses. Tom and Tesla spend one issue romping through time and across a variety of parallel universes in pursuit of the evil Dr. Saveen, and Tom’s middle-school fanclub (Strongmen of America) get a hilarious extended cameo in a story of schoolteachers gone wrong.

Tom Strong, Book 2
ISBN: 9781563898808
by Alan Moore, Chris Sprouse, Alan Gordon, Alan Weiss, Paul Chadwick, Gary Gianni, Russ Heath, Kyle Baker, Pete Poplaski, Hilary Barta
America’s Best Comics, 2002

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