Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live on an alien world? Have you ever dreamed you were somewhere else, in a place where all the plants, people, and animals looked different? What if one day you found yourself trapped there? Noriko’s dad is a science fiction writer so her friends, who are all too familiar with her overactive imagination, hardly give a second thought to the odd dreams she keeps mentioning. Noriko herself is certainly not prepared to wake up in an isolated wood filled with flesh-eating slugs. The appearance of a beautiful swordsman who doesn’t speak a word of English (or Japanese for that matter) is hardly reassuring! Meanwhile, Izark Kia Tarj is scouring the forest of his homeland to capture the “Awakening,” a being that has been foretold to unleash a terrible evil into his world. When the Awakening turns out to be a frightened middle-school girl from another dimension, Izark finds himself saddled with the task of protecting Noriko from warring factions who want to use the Awakening for political gain. As Noriko struggles to get her bearings and learn an unfamiliar language, a chase begins through woods and caverns that tests Izark’s fighting skills to the limit. Fans of Hayao Miyazaki’s Nausicaa cycle will find another tale of war, politics, and strange creatures from a different universe, while those who prefer real-life drama will enjoy watching Noriko’s attempts to make sense of her new life away from friends, family, and all that is familiar.

From Far Away, vol. 1
ISBN: 9781591165996
by Kyoko Hikawa
Viz, 2004

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