Nausicaä gains her most dangerous adopted child yet when the God Warrior is born. Flying in a corona of toxic light, this ages-old being carries Nausicaä to the holy crypts of the Dorok empire in the city of Shuwa, an ancient civilization’s hiding place for technology that once nearly destroyed the world. Separated again, Nausicaä’s friends and allies pursue separate struggles to reunite tribes lost in the chaos of battle, and to begin the process of rebuilding the world that was nearly obliterated by the Dorok Emperor’s genetically modified mold. Travelling closer to the heart of the Doroks’ hidden knowledge threatens to destroy both Nausicaä’s body and mind, but if she can persevere long enough to enter the crypts at Shuwa the final secret of the world’s future will be revealed.

Miyazaki’s plot examines both spiritual and physical changes in its characters, allowing us to see Nausicaä mature as the story moves forward, and to see her effect on the host of enemies, friends, followers, and mentors she encounters. It is fascinating to read this series as a commentary on current and historical warfare as Miyazaki probes the effects of battle on a warrior’s psyche, and the human race’s potential for either blindness or unexpected spiritual awakenings in the face of defeat.

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, vol. 4
ISBN: 9781591163527
by Hayao Miyazaki
Viz 1997

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