Jumping jets! It’s Kid Flash, and he’s about to subdue a zoo full of angry circus animals! Yes, the year is 1962 and DC Comics has just published the shocking story of how The Flash accidentally ended up with a young partner-in-crime-fighting. Just a few pages away in 1960 Jimmy Olsen and Robin are hiding out in the Fortress of Solitude and planning to fake their own deaths to protect Superman and Batman from a fortune-telling enemy. Somewhere high above the city Hawkman is in pursuit of an extraterrestrial criminal, and Green Lantern is explaining the origin of his Oath to a man named “Pieface.” The six Comics-Code-approved tales reunited in this volume reveal origin stories and little-known adventures of many of the DC stable of superheroes, and provide an interesting taste of how they talked (stiltedly), thought (slowly), and flew (horizontally) during their earliest incarnations. Although it can be hard to take these big-jawed, heavy-eyebrowed characters seriously, Even More Secret Origins is a fascinating look back in time for modern-day fans of Green Lantern, Superman, Batman, The Flash and others.

Even More Secret Origins
DC Comics, 2003

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