The Victorian is a story told backwards, which is appropriate for a saga about time travel, voodoo, occult science, and a mystery that none of the principal characters fully comprehend. Winston Fitzrandolph, a professor of Victorian history with a past full of dark memories, is summoned to New Orleans to examine some antiques for a mysterious patron. Eudora Kincaid, a teenage photographer with a penchant for shady situations, befriends a New Orleans cabdriver. Detectives Leviticus “Doc” Schumpert and Hal Keller investigate a murder and a voodoo shrine. Claude Ballar plots something sinister in an underground stronghold. As the story progresses, crime in 2006 and the activities of The Order of the Blue Rose in the 19th century bring all these unlikely characters together as they are drawn to and chased by the mysterious figure of “The Victorian.” This shadowy, top-hat-wearing being haunts the streets and bayous of Louisiana, terrorizing New Orleans criminals, then vanishing. Writer Trainor Houghton and script-writer Lovern Kindzierski unfold the story with deliberate speed, seemingly unconcerned that readers won’t fully understand what’s going on until the end of this 5-part series. As you read beyond the first Act’s bewildering opening montage of scenes and time periods, you will begin to feel the threads of a complicated story tightening like a spider’s web. The Victorian and his contemporaries in 2006 and 1889 are heading towards an earth-shaking discovery, and all their readers can do is hang on for the ride.

The Victorian
Act 1: Self Realization
ISBN: 9780967368313
Act 2: Self-Immolation
ISBN: 9780967368382
By Trainor Houghton
Art by Lovern Kindzierski, Len Wein, Jim Bakie, Claude St. Aubin, Andrew Pepoy, Chris Chuckry, Richard Starkings, and Jason Levine
Penny Farthing Press 1999, 2002

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