“You people aren’t just readers, you’re consumers. How special do you feel…?”

Jack Marlowe, who some readers might remember as the alien warrior Spartan from the original WildC.A.T.S. series, has focused his superpowers on the project of creating The Halo Corporation (slogan: “your life… only better!”). Halo’s goal is to use its vast marketing, product placement, advertising, and media clout to quietly take over control of the known world. Marlowe benevolently oversees all aspects of the company, from public relations to product development (including a line of batteries that literally last forever) but keeps some time in his schedule to supervise Cole Cash and Mr. Wax, his team of undercover investigators, mercenaries, and general men-of-all work. While Halo expands its grasp, swallowing up smaller companies and expanding ever faster into the global entertainment business, Wax and Cash labor behind the scenes to solve the mystery of the connection between the beautiful and deadly C.C. Rendozzo and the FBI’s secret “nuclear family” project. Casey et al have created an interesting story line which is regretfully short as the 2003 trade paperback includes only issues 1-6 of Brand Building, closing the story at a tantalizing point. These first issues hint at a clash between the power of government intelligence and the might of mass marketing, played out in the design of human bodies and the smallest details of everyday life.

Brand Building: Wildcats Version 3.0
ISBN: 1401201199
By Joe Casey
Art by Dustin Nguyen and Richard Friend
DC Comics/WildStorm 2003

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