Are you an Alan Moore fan? Have you watched his career closely through Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Tom Strong, and From Hell? Or are you simply curious to know what’s so special about the writer who (according to The Onion) has “reached previously unscaled heights” of story telling innovation? For Moore devotees and dilettantes alike, DC Universe is an enjoyable sampler of the work of a comic book genius. The 13 stories in this collection all feature the DC heroes, with a special focus on the Green Lantern Corps, Superman, and Batman. My personal favorites include an encounter between Superman and the Swamp Thing, the background on The Phantom’s secret origin, and some hilarious Green Lantern lore imparted from the Great Hall of Service on the Planet Oa. Like so many of Moore’s longer works, these stories all end with a dramatic twist that’s either heart-wrenching or silly, keeping us guessing until the punchline in the last panels. This is an opportunity to see how a virtuoso writer incorporates his own peculiar perspective into pre-existing characters and worlds with their own history, rules, and mythology.

DC Universe: The Stories of Alan Moore
ISBN: 1401200877
By Alan Moore
DC Comics 2003

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