Not much has changed in Devil’s Echo since the last installment of Chance’s adventures. Trick or Threat opens in the midst of the city’s annual Halloween parade, a beautifully drawn gathering reminiscent of Mardi Gras in New Orleans or a vampire ball. Chance plays sidekick to her famous father Lucas Falconer as the parade wends its way through town, and gets an unexpected opportunity to put her new law enforcement skills to the test. In the parade’s aftermath, Lucas Falconer remains convinced that his daughter’s passion for all things occult will lead her into fatal danger. To prevent Chance from disobeying his order to avoid magical crime, Lucas sends her into exile at a Boarding School for Young Ladies far from Devil’s Echo. To no one’s surprise, Chance’s interest in magical crime fighting does not immediately endear her to the rest of the class, but as usual Chance has a few tricks up her sleeve (including boxing lessons!). When unexplained noises and accidents around campus suggest criminal activity of a ghostly nature, Chance enlists her classmates to uncover the secret that lurks under the girls’ dormitory. As she gets closer to the heart of this new mystery, Chance’s problem is not making friends, but keeping them safe. Robinson, Smith, and company have had as much fun writing the Chance series as their audience has reading it, which has happily led to a second installment which is accessible to both new and old Chance Falconer fans.

Leave it to Chance, vol. 2: Trick or Threat & Other Stories
ISBN: 9781582402789
by James Robinson
Art by Paul Smith, George Freeman, Jeromy Cox
Image 2003

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