It’s early morning in my favorite alternate reality, and Officer Robyn “Toy Box” Slinger has just boarded a train for her first day on the job as a member of the Neopolis City Police Force (aka Top 10). Neopolis was built by a group of crazed German architects at the end of World War Two, and by 1999 has become a labyrinthine, overstimulating habitat for humans, machines, aliens, and mythical beings with superpowers. The city’s denizens manage to live together about as harmoniously as you’d expect for a few million superheroes … which is to say, not harmoniously at all. In response to each new disaster, Top 10 gallops, rolls, flies, and explodes through Neopolis’ back alleys and main thoroughfares, mixing a lot of wittiness with their superhuman abilities. When Robyn joins the force, the Ghostly Goose is still at large, a blind, Zen Buddhist cabby has wrecked havoc with the city’s traffic patterns, tenements are being taken over by vermin capable of altering the space-time continuum, and the Libra Killer has struck again. It’s up to the new recruit to take on the strangest group of criminals you’d ever hope to meet, and at the same time to find a place for herself in the loving, gossiping, dysfunctional family that is Top 10.

Top 10: Book One
ISBN: 9781563896682
By Alan Moore, Gene Ha, Zander Cannon
DC Comics/Wildstorm 2001

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