In the town of Devil’s Echo, demons and goblins from other realms are so common that for generations the city has employed a full-time “occult investigator” to keep paranormal activity under control. Lucas Falconer is the veteran of many such battles by the time his daughter Chance is old enough to feel ready to fight some battles in the city’s defense on her own. When Falconer tells Chance that the job that killed her mother is too dangerous for a girl, Chance sets out on her own to solve the city’s biggest occult crime. As Chance struggles to save a powerful shaman and his daughter from abduction by shape-changing thugs and to defeat the biggest toad ever seen, she stumbles on evidence that this occult turmoil is all somehow connected to the upcoming mayoral election. If Chance can’t unravel the ring of political corruption in Devil’s Echo, it could mean the destruction of the city and its resident pixies, sewer goblins, dragons, and demons. Chance’s affinity for reptiles, police officers, and investigative journalists is a superpower equal to her occult crime fighting skills, and both come in very useful as she sets out to save the inhabitants of the strangest city on earth.

Leave it to Chance, vol. 1: Shaman’s Rain
ISBN: 1582402531
by James Robinson
Art by James Robinson, Paul Smith, and Jeremy Cox
Image Comics 2002

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