Pedro and Me: friendship, loss, and what I learned

You all know the tag line of The Real World: Seven people are chosen to live in a house to find out what’s “real.” In 1993, in San Francisco, the world was given an unexpected, and perhaps unasked for, gift — through watching this hyped reality soap opera, we all got to live with someone who had AIDS. That young man, Pedro Zamora, touched the entire country — but for author Judd Winick, fellow cast member, he was simply one of his best friends. Here he relates the story around and after the television show and the life-changing effect Pedro had on him. This is the book that got me really into graphic novels. Like Maus, it has won awards, and like Maus, it made me both laugh and cry. If you must read only one graphic novel, this is the one.

Pedro and Me: Friendship, Loss, and What I Learned
ISBN: 9780805089646
By Judd Winick
Henry Holt & Company, 2009 (new edition)