Book clubs can be a source of intellectual stimulation and community, and many people enjoy book clubs for the opportunity to get together with others to read something different and thought-provoking. Graphic novels can be a great addition to any book club’s book rotation. The staff at No Flying, No Tights has compiled this list of book club titles that you may have missed.

  • Megan

    | She/Her

    Features Writer

    Megan earned her MLIS from Simmons College and is currently the evening librarian at Bay State College in Massachusetts. She satisfies her voracious appetite for graphic novels and manga through regular visits to her local public libraries and puts her love of graphic novels to good use by adding to Bay State’s collection whenever possible. Megan maintains a personal blog, Ferret with a Strobe Light, where she discusses awesome books she’s read lately. When not engaged in reading or library work, she likes running, drinking tea, and working on her own stories and art.

  • Mariela

    | She/Her High School Librarian


    Mariela Siegert is a high school librarian who thinks she has more than 24 hours in a day. She loves to read Children and YA books, but she has a soft spot in her heart for different formats such as audiobooks, comics, and graphic novels. When she is not trying to convince kids to read, she adjuncts at Dominican University where she teaches a technology class for future librarians. Mariela is also involved with her state school library organization (AISLE), AASL, YALSA, GNCRT, and she is a board member for the Rebecca Caudill which is an Illinois state book award. You can follow her at @marris116

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