Image Comics once again makes a great contribution to the world of horror comics with Ram V’s Blue in Green. This comic is the perfect blend of horror, detective mystery, and drama, wrapped up in a surprisingly touching story of a musician’s constant, obsessive pursuit of artistic perfection. Unhappy in his career and shaken by the death of his mother, jazz musician Erik Deiter becomes obsessed with uncovering the secrets of his mother’s time in the New York City jazz scene of the ‘60s. We, the readers, watch as Deiter simultaneously reaches new creative heights and crashes into a supernatural world of self-destruction. 

The concept of artists suffering for their work is certainly not a new one. Even less so is the concept of making deals with the devil, or in the case of Blue in Green, a supernatural demon. And, yet, this story is thoroughly engrossing. Ram V may not thematically cover any new ground, but he is clearly a talented writer. The dialogue and narration throughout the comic are absolutely poetic. His story flows smoothly; both silent and chaotic moments feeling equally significant. There is an underlying tragedy throughout the story. Not only does Deiter suffer for creative his work, but his loneliness is ever-present. Deiter is emotionally removed from the students he teaches, his family, and his former lover. Ram V’s portrayal of Deiter’s isolation is both relatable to those who have lost someone and those trapped by feelings of inadequacy.

However, if readers are not sold on the plotline and writing, they will certainly be sold on the artwork. Illustrator Anand RK’s work elevates the story to an entirely new level. RK conveys this story through beautiful coloring, attention to detail, and the use of both abstract and representational imagery. RK is a master of conveying tone and emotion visually. RK’s supernatural imagery, such as that of a violent multi-tentacled monster or another of self-immolation at the insistence of a demon, are particularly fascinating. In these scenes, RK displays his distinct talent for mixing the beautiful with the grotesque. Anyone interested in visual storytelling is apt to find value in the artistry throughout Blue in Green

Blue in Green is a shining example of the way in which artwork is capable of elevating a story and a great starting place for newbies looking to explore the world of horror comics. Long-standing fans of Image Comics will also surely be pleased by this release. Blue in Green is only one self-contained volume, making it an easy, maintenance-free addition to any adult graphic novel collection. Though Blue in Green is a quick read, readers may find themselves wanting to re-read the text to fully capture all of the detail displayed in both the text and the illustrations. Thus, Blue in Green is a worthy addition to any library’s graphic novel collection and a great recommendation for fans of atmospheric horror.

Blue in Green
By Ram V
Art by Anand RK
ISBN: 9781534317130
Image Comics, 2020
Publisher Age Rating: M
Series ISBNS and Order

Title Details and Representation
NFNT Age Recommendation: Adult (18+)
Character Traits: African-American

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