Peter and Ernesto, two sloth best friends, have returned in a second adventure. The pair are about as different as can be, with confident Ernesto always up for adventure and cautious Peter preferring to stay close to their tree home and compose music. But when a sudden hurricane destroys their tree, Peter, Ernesto, and their sloth friends have no choice but to venture into the rainforest to seek out a new tree. Finding a great new home won’t be easy. The sloths’ quest is marked by danger from jaguars, snakes, biting ants, bats, crocodiles, and a hazardous waterfall. But with help from some friendly peccaries, a group of armadillos, an anteater, and a bird open to a new roommate situation, they just might find a great new home after all.

The Lost Sloths features a delightful plot with endearing new characters. Readers meet the rest of Peter and Ernesto’s sloth friends, each with their own personalities, as well as a host of other animals who are more or less helpful to the sloths along their journey. The text is accessible to young readers, yet witty enough to entertain older children and adults. End matter includes interesting facts about real sloths, as well as details about how Peter and Ernesto met and became friends.

The full-color illustrations feature a simple panel structure with few panels per page. Earth tones reflect the rainforest setting, while the animals are drawn in a representative fashion. By contrast, the sloths in the end matter look much more like real sloths. Care has been taken to make the text and illustrations considerate to young readers. Each sloth in the story is shown in a distinct color along with other distinguishing characteristics making it easier for readers to tell them apart. Each of the other animals the sloths encounter is identified in the text, and many are given names which is helpful for following the plot.

Like the first book in the series, Peter and Ernesto: The Lost Sloths is a quality offering for young readers from Graham Annable. Positive messages abound in this early-reader graphic novel, showing that while individuals may differ, we are always stronger together. As in the first installment, Peter and Ernesto’s friendship is put to the test. But readers learn that with perseverance, cooperation, and flexibility, great things can happen.

Peter and Ernesto: The Lost Sloths 
By Graham Annable
ISBN: 9781626725720
First Second, 2019
Publisher Age Rating: 6-10

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