Workshops for Libraries

From editor-in-chief Robin Brenner, the low down on graphic novel workshops and classes she can present for libraries, for staff or for patrons, and for educational institutions.

I currently offers a variety of workshops for libraries, librarians, teens, and whoever else might be interested in hearing more about comics, graphic novels, libraries, and everything in between.  For an official record of my qualifications and an overview of past speaking engagements, please see my curriculum vitae.

I have presented everywhere from San Diego Comic-Con International to the library just down the street from me.  I am happy to tailor my program for your needs and audience.

Topics include:

  • Graphic Novels 101: What they Are, Why Read Them, and What to Read Next?
  • What’s New?  What’s hot in the world of graphic novels and Japanese manga
  • Japanese Manga and Anime: History, Appeal, and Literacy
  • Japanese Anime: History, Appeal, and How to Build Collections
  • Comics Programming: How to create successful programs relating to comics, graphic novels, and manga/anime
  • Comics Literacy: Visual Literacy and How to read Comics, Manga, and More
  • Women & Comics: Female Creators, Fans, and Criticism

What are your presentations like?
Depending on the topic,  I usually speak for a set period of time using visual examples via Powerpoint or Keynote.  The visual aspect of my presentations is limited primarily to images and examples (believe me, I find presentations that are all text just as tedious as you do!).  I can bring handouts, if requested, and I’m happy to stay after the formal part of the presentation to answer questions and speak with attendees.  If it’s requested, I can also add making candy sushi (or at least eating candy sushi) to the mix.

What kind of technology do you need?
I ask for an LCD projector so that I can show my presentations.  If I have enough lead time, I can figure out alternatives as well.  I can bring my laptop, or I can use one if there is one available.  Let me know if you would be able to provide an LCD projector and, if possible, a laptop.

What times and days can you present?
I can most easily present evening programs and weekend programs.  I can also present programs during the day, but it does take more planning as I must thus arrange to take time off from my full-time job.  I do have every other Friday off from September through June, which can be quite useful in terms of timing local to Boston presentations.  Any further afield, contact me and I’ll see what I can do!

Where have you presented?
I have presented at a variety of conferences and institutions, large and small.  Here is a list to give you a sense of what I’ve done so far:

ALA/YALSA Annual Conference

  • GLBT Graphic Novels and Comics, one of five panelists (June 2008)
  • Graphic Novel Pop Stage Programming, panelist (June 2010, June 2011)
  • ALSC Program Good Comics for Kids, one of six panelists (June 2011)
  • Comics Creation: Graphic Novels for Younger Readers from Script to Panel, moderator (June 2011)

Boston Book Festival

  •    Cartooning! You Can Do It Too!, panel coordinator and moderator (October 2010)

Miami International Book Fair

  • The School of Comics: All About Graphic Novels, Comic Books and Manga, presenter (October 2010)

New York Comic-Con

  • ICv2 Graphic Novel Preconference: Graphic Novel Industry Summit (February 2009)
  • Programs: Newsflash: Teen Girls Read Manga!

The North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching

  • From Superman to Everyman:  Using the Graphic Novel to Promote Reading, Instructor for week-long course (March 2007)

San Diego Comic-Con International

  • ICv2 Comics and Media Preconference: Comics and Transmedia Storytelling
  • Programs: Graphic Novel Programming in Libraries, Women in Manga, Kids Comics (June 2009)

How much do your presentations cost?

If you’re interested in booking a workshop, first check out my workshop calendar (below) to make sure I’m not already booked during your time frame.  If there’s nothing on the calendar, please send me an email at robin at noflyingnotights dot com.  My fees are usually around $300 at this point plus travel and accommodations, but factors including the length of the presentation and the work involved may alter my fee.  Please email me for further discussion on this front.

Will you speak virtually with my teens/class/librarians?

I’m happy to speak with any audience that would like to hear from me, and I’ve done chats periodically (both via software like Skype or traditional text chat). I’ve also visited online classes by participating in online classes via forums and bulletin boards.

Much will depend on my work schedule and whether I can get free at a time when is convenient for you and your audience. If you’d like me to visit virtually, please send me an email at robin at noflyingnotights dot com and we can work out the details.