What’s Made Us Happy This Year, 2013 Edition

Here’s our staff highlights for 2013 in list form — all the titles, creators, programs, conferences, and library shenanigans that made our year, comics-wise!



Nothing Can Possibly Go WrongI really enjoyed Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong by Prudence Shen and Faith Erin Hicks (First Second). It’s one of those books I keep recommending as a read alike for a lot of other titles. That is usually the sign of a good solid book that will remain popular for a while.

I’m also glad that Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant by Tony Cliff (First Second) is getting the recognition it’s deserved for so long, now that it’s in wider release.

And I’m glad that I found a cute little local comic shop that is female friendly and has a great staff (as well as a great name): Parker, Banner, Kent, and Wayne in Cornelius, NC. Technically I think I found them last year, but this is the year I’ve really been made to feel a part of the store. Thanks guys and I promise I’ll come to Thursday gaming one of these days.



DelilahDirk_CoverI’m sure this comes as no surprise, but for me this was the Year of Delilah Dirk. I’m quite possibly Tony’s biggest (non-creepy) fan, so seeing those starred reviews pile up made me smile big.

The other thing that made me happy this year was how much glorious attention Gene Yang’s books Boxers and Saints received. Any book that is shortlisted for the National Book Awards is going to be talked about, but the discussions that sprang up around Boxers and Saints were smart, impassioned, and not always contributed to by the usual comics reporters. Any book that can get “the normals” talking about comics is good. That the book in question was also fantastically written and illustrated is magic.





I also adored Delilah Dirk and Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong!! I felt like 2013 was pretty spectacular for graphic novels. Primates: The Fearless Science of Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Birute Galdakis and Relish: My Life in the Kitchen were two more of my favorites, but there were quite a few that I enjoyed. Thanks to you fabulous folks for steering me toward so many good ones!





RelishJennifer W.

I made major changes in how our graphic novel collections are organized in the library – the teen collection was divided into Manga and Everything Else and the juvenile collection was integrated back into the general fiction collection (almost – we’re still relabeling!).

And yes, lots of great graphic novels this year – Delilah Dirk, Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, Relish, Hilda, it’s like someone said “hmmm, what kind of graphic novels does Jennifer like? LET’S MAKE THOSE.”

Also, Meeting Faith Erin Hicks made me super happy. I am not at all a
fan-type person, but for that brief moment, I was totally a fan.




My Riddler book display is the thing that made me happy this year :]

Next to Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Hime, Kill La Kill is the greatest anime I’ve seen all year. It’s kind of hard to describe and is one of those shows you simply have to watch and buckle up as it takes you on a wonderfully odd and hilarious journey.




Marvel has made me really happy this year. They’ve been putting out good comics and they’ve been socially conscious. And they’re continuing to take risks. When two of their female led books (Journey Into Mystery and Fearless Defenders) failed they didn’t back off and say “Well women don’t sell comics”. They’ve doubled down and early next year are putting out four new female led books (Black Widow, She-Hulk, Elektra and Ms. Marvel). It’s really just wonderful to see. Plus most of their comics tend to be really interesting and well written.





The best thing in comics this year for me was the Grand Opening Festival at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum! It’s so neat to have a dedicated research center for comics and cartoons here in the U.S.!




I was tickled pink by the anime series, The Devil is a Part Timer! It reminded me how enjoyable a simple comedy series could be given the right elements. I was also happy to see that the now completed webcomic, Darwin Carmichael is going to hell will be appearing in print due to a very successful Kickstarter campaign.




I think what made me happiest this year was Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Captain Marvel, and the accompanying #CarolCorps. I love the online fandom that’s sprung up around Carol, and I love how much Kelly Sue has embraced it. Like, my library teens and I made hand turkeys of “Books We’re Thankful For” for a bulletin board, and I Instagrammed my Captain Marvel turkey, and Kelly Sue retweeted it. Aww!

I’m also excited for the way the #CarolCorps has embraced the news of the upcoming Muslim Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan! (Kamala may be what makes me happy in 2014 :))




Psycho Pass, my absolute favorite anime, is getting a premium edition (in March) that has the entire first season, soundtrack, and other goodies!!!

Also, this year more anime titles have been getting licensed to stream on at least one legal website (Hulu, FUNimation, Daisuki.net, Crunchyroll to name a few)… even a selection of manga can be viewed without need to download or own a copy now through Crunchyroll’s manga subscription service. It’s just awesome to see that there’s much more available for fans in a legal form lately, and sometimes even easier to get than illegal versions. Also, licensing means you can get physical copies without the crazy overseas shipping costs. Supporting your favorite creators is a wonderful feeling and the increased availability now makes it great to be a fan!



BTB-BannerEmily S

The anime Beyond the Boundary has made me happy this year! It has everything I enjoy in an anime: an enigmatic story with heart, humor, and engaging characters. It also has excellent animation and voice acting. The only thing that makes me unhappy about this anime is that it was only 12 episodes. The creators did a fantastic job and I wish I could see more of these characters and their world!

I just finished The Pet Girl of Sakurasou. It was amazing. The characters were all intriguing, entertaining, and fully developed. They learned and matured over time and grew in their relationships with each other. Since it is a comedy, most of the time, the viewer is in stitches, but there are also episodes that have one in tears. A major factor in this anime is teens working hard to succeed, but it is not about them instantly realizing that success. They work hard and they fail and they fail again and they keep working hard. It’s a beautiful thing to watch.




I am beyond joy with the positive reception the graphic novel Jane, the Fox & Me is getting universally — a Canadian title from a mainstream press (not a comic book publisher) that was translated from the original French and stars, along with Jane Austen, the city of Montreal. I am also very pleased with the well deserved reception for Fiona Staples and her work on Saga (love Saga too).





I love that once again Lone Wolf and Cub, by Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kokima, is back in print! Dark Horse is re-releasing these in huge omnibus editions. And it’s easy to see why so many graphic novelists list this as an inspiration. Soooo historical and cinematic!







One of my library teens just turned me into a manga character, so there’s that.

I participated in the Gender Through Comic Books SuperMooc this year and really loved it. I read a ton of comics that were out of my usual range and enjoyed the author interviews and interactions with other comics fans. It was amazing to see the various transitions female characters like Ms./Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman have gone through with different creators and time periods, but also what “masculinity” has meant for some really iconic characters.

If I have to pick one thing, that’s it!




I’m going to second Marcela’s happy – I really had so much fun in Christy Blanch’s Gender Through Comic Books SuperMooc! I was really proud of myself that I read Superman (Mark Waid’s Birthright and Action #1), and I liked it! 🙂 But, also the discussions I had with people and the critical thinking, all of it awesome. Plus, I got to see all my favorite creators talk about gender and comics – Brian K. Vaughan, Gail Simone, and Scott Snyder…squeee!!!




I think I’ve seen Image, Boom!, Dark Horse, and other previously second banana companies put out more high-quality content this year than ever previously. (Actually, in the near future, I can see Marvel focusing on Hollywood and DC further draining itself in an effort to keep up with the Disneys.) Anyway, there’s more creative diversity available on the New Shelf at my local comics shop and that makes me happy.




DC’s online offerings made me happy this year, particularly Li’l Gotham, Batman ’66, and Superman Adventures. All three series delivered weekly 99-cent goodies throughout the year to my Comixology account, and were shining examples of DC’s potential if they only had the nerve to lighten up and loosen their artistic restrictions. There’s a saying about how we need darkness in order to appreciate the light – well, in DC’s case, every little shimmer feels like a blessing.  As DC’s online publishing is centered in California and DC is shifting its headquarters there from New York, I hope that the two houses will learn from each other.





I was so excited to find a Japanese/English addition of the Doraemon manga at the Kinokuniya Bookstore in New York City. At this point, I don’t think you can buy it from B&N, Amazon, etc. It’s such an adorable, classic series. I was so excited to find that I could buy and read it! I’m also very tempted to buy a copy for our Children’s room and add it to our collection.




Interlibrary Loan has made me exceedingly happy this year! I’ve used it to delve into classic (and often, sadly, out of print) shojo and European titles (Yasuko Aoike’s ridiculous From Eroica with Love, Hugo Pratt’s adventure-filled Corto Maltese, Enki Bilal’s bizarre Nikopol Trilogy, and many more) that I’ve been missing out on. Old-school squee!







While it’s a happy/sad sort of thing, I think Locke and Key was one of the best comics experiences I’ve had from start to finish since Y: the Last Man. I am sad it’s over, but I thought he stuck the landing on that one.

Thor: God of Thunder was the other book that made me happy all year.






I think that in a general way, manga and other comics/graphic novels are getting better translations (I can’t back that with numbers or anything, just a feeling I get from reading them) than they used to, and that makes me happy. I’m not sure if they get edited, though, content-wise.

I am also thankful for Inoue Takehiko’s Real.






The Adventures of Superhero Girl made me really happy this year! Its sense of humor is totally my style, and I’d been on this really disappointing streak of graphic novels that just weren’t doing it for me — but this was the perfect title to break that streak.




There are a couple of trends in particular that I’ve noticed this year that have made me a very happy comics reader.

The first one is the quality of the collected editions and omnibus editions that the major publishers have released this year. The Disney and EC collections from Fantagraphics, for example, have allowed readers to sink their teeth into work by creators like Carl Barks and Jack Davis without having to spend either fortunes or time tracking down back issues. I’ve also really enjoyed the books DC has been collecting in one package like the Animal Man Omnibus, and Marshall Law.

The other trend I’ve enjoyed are all the non-fiction graphic novels that are cropping up with more regularity. Translating difficult and/or confusing conceptual ideas through the medium of comics can really aid in understanding the material (at least for me). I’ve always been drawn to creators like Larry Gonick, and I hope publishers keep expanding their offering of graphic non-fiction.


I was thrilled to see Drew Morrison at C2E2 this year. I love his original illustrations of Meeso and he is himself as strange and lovely as his artwork.








It’s made me particularly happy this year to discover all kinds of diversity happening in webcomics (many of which are transitioning to print), including GBLTQ titles like Blue Delliquanti’s O Human Star (right), M. K. Weaver’s The Less than Epic Adventures of T.J. and Amal, Alex Woolfson’s Artifice, and Suzana Harcum & Owen White’s Tripping Over You.

I’ve been a fan of John Allison’s cheeky mystery series Bad Machinery for a good while, and I was so very happy to be able to finally add his work to my library shelves.  Plus, he creates amazing fanart (Riker: Best at Space!)

I’m especially thankful for the ladies out there raising all of the questions and concerns about women in comics, including (and I can in no way list all the smart contributors to these discussions) Brigid Alverson (especially at Robot 6 and on twitter), Heidi MacDonald (at The Comics Beat and on twitter), Laura Hudson (over at Wired and on twitter), Faith Erin Hicks (at her tumblr and on twitter), Sue at DC Women Kicking Ass (the tumblr and twitter.)  All the thoughtful but fierce commentary has been awesome to be behold.

What Made Us Happy this Halloween!

Check out our staff celebrating Halloween, one of the easiest times to display our love of comics in the library.


My library decided to do a themed costume day and all be heroes of different types.  I decided to go as my own special version of Wonder Woman.  Hope you all had a happy Halloween!



Wearing my Green Lantern costume to the library!  We should form a special librarian Justice League.



My 1940s Barbara Gordon costume went over very well — and I may just keep the bat symbols on my shoes.

REBGordon     REBGordonShoes

Also, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying The Mary Sue‘s coverage of great costumes like Princess Dalek and, of course, Princess Deadpool.

PrincessDalek-399x550     PrincessDeadpool

What’s Making Us Happy…this summer!

As loyal readers are no doubt aware, we here at NFNT had a bit of a hiatus from our weekly What’s Making Us Happy.  Thus, reviewers are chiming in here with what’s made them happy, comics-wise, this summer!


I’m happy that my awesome boyfriend surprised me with the Lackadaisy t-shirt I’d been admiring.  I love the webcomic so much that a couple of years ago, my dad made me a Lackadaisy birthday cake, complete with sepia-tone frosting!



I think my summer happy may be that Babymouse finally won an Eisner. It took them a long time to notice the series, but I’m glad it got the recognition it deserves!




TJ and AmalEmma

I got a hold of the print version of the webcomic The Not-So-Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal and made my 18-year-old daughter read it and she loved it as much as me and then she made all her friends read it, who all loved it as much as we did.

I love when that happens.





I am very pleased with the publication of the anthology True Patriot: All New Canadian Comic Book Adventures. Although I am not normally a superhero fan, I will make an exception for the those created by talented Canadians. My copy arrived in the mail today — a bit late for inclusion in my fall comic book course but I will talk it up big none the less.





Nothing TOO big happened (comics-wise) but I did restart my Graphic Novel Book Club with some coworkers at the library. We’re meeting this Friday to talk about The Book of Human Insects by Osamu Tezuka. Nobody has read manga before so I’m really super interested in hearing their opinions.





I’m very happy my friends pushed me into Attack on Titan (both the anime and manga). I didn’t realize it before starting, but especially where the manga is, the series is a wonderful deconstruction of heroic sacrifice that’s seen a lot in shounen as well as simple black and white morality. You could say it’s like the Puella Magi of shounen in a sense?? It definitely deserves all the hype it’s been getting, in my opinion. I’ve also ordered my New York Comic Con tickets. (Other summer anime I’ve been following includes Free!, Dangan Ronpa and Gatchaman Crowds.)

I’m excited for KyotoAnimation to release more information on their upcoming “Kyoukai no Kanata”. It’s a fall anime, so there’s probably going to be a nice stream of new info leading up to it.



Like Gail, I, too, received my copy of True Patriot. Yay! I thought I couldn’t be happier until my copy of To Be Or Not To Be, the choose-your-own-adventure version of Hamlet put together by Ryan North (of Dinosaur Comics fame) and including just about every independent comics creator you can think of doing the illustrations. It’s pretty darn amazing, you guys. Pretty darn amazing.

Oh, wait! There is one more thing that made me do a Happy Dance and that’s that I found out that Vertical has licensed Fumi Yoshinaga’s What Did You Eat Yesterday. Hooray!!! I am so excited for this, and not just because everyone thought this was and untouchable property — who wants to read a series about a gay man who likes to cook, right? Boy, do I ever. Any book that Fumi Yoshinaga writes is going to be magic, but this one is ridiculously charming and funny and gorgeously drawn, AND includes recipes. I CAN’T WAIT!!!



My SUMMER happy is that I got hired to do my first semi-professional comics work. Some small work for Periscope Studio, and an ongoing comic with Monkeybrain. So, that was pretty big for this librarian.



My  summer happy  is that of all the programs I did  this season, the one that got the most enthusiastic response was the anime lock-in.   Based on my teens’ reactions and suggestions,  we have enough interested people to start a Manga bookclub – a first for me after suggesting it at three previous branches.



I’m very happy that my favorite guilty pleasure anime of last year (Senki Zesshou Symphogear) got a second season. Also I’ve been enjoying Dangen Roppa, Attack on Titan and Gatchaman CROWDS.

I’m also happy that Marvel has managed to continue to produce high quality comics, even after the initial hype of their rebranding has died down.

I am ecstatic that the books I had to put into storage when going off to college/coming back from college/moving this summer are about to be de-stored tomorrow. I’m going to get my personal library back!



I am super happy that through Christina Blanch’s Super MOOC, Gender Through Comic Books, I have found my new favorite series, Saga – and I’m super, super happy that new issues are starting up again tomorrow!!  I’ve also been amusing myself by reading a lot of DC’s new 52 TPBs this summer.  Some series I’ve totally given up on (ahem…Catwoman), but others like Swamp Thing and Animal Man have captured my heart along with Scott Snyder’s Batman and Gail Simone’s Batgirl.

Plus, I really, really want to read To Be Or Not To Be, too!



AlwaysRainingHereI’ve gotten hooked on The Not-So-Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal, too, along with a handful of other web comics (particularly the sweet and snarky Always Raining Here), which is new media territory for me.  I never thought I’d get caught up enough in a webcomic to actually bother to check for updates weekly, but I’ve been totally sucked in and have a whole little list of bookmarks to remind me to look.  I’ve read so many, I’m going to have to add a sheet for them to my “Input” spreadsheet just to keep track.

In other happys, I’ve been going back and interlibrary-loaning a lot of older manga (a handful of classic shojo titles from the Magnificent 49ers and their successors–thank you Fantagraphics and Moto Hagio for being my gateway to old-school awesome!  I only wish there were more available in English.) and comics from classic European creators (Enki Bilal, Moebius, Hugo Pratt, and others) that I’ve never read before.  Why didn’t I do this earlier?!?!


SleepwalkersJennifer W.

I am very happy that our teens have been reading manga like crazy, I finally caught up with my collection development lists and ordered Viviane Schwarz’s Sleepwalkers, I shared several moments of delighted fandom with a young fan of Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales, I got my own copy of Bad Machinery, and I got to meet lots of NFNT’ers at ALA!




In a very shallow way, I was made very happy by vicariously attending San Diego Comic-Con via my good friends (our very own Eva, for one!) who let met join them via tweet to nerd out over panels and announcements.  Plus, Eva picked up the amazing Super Best Friends Forever figures for me!  Batgirl is now happily looming over my desk at work.

In a less shallow way, ALA Annual provided a delightful comics experience for me, both for meeting NFNTers (yay!) and for hanging around with the many delightful comics folks who were in the Artist’s Alley: Raina Telgemeier (Drama), Dave Roman (Astronaut Academy), Faith Erin Hicks (Friends with Boys), Gene Yang (American Born Chinese), Thien Pham (Sumo), Chris Schweizer (Crogan Adventures), Anthony del Col (Kill Shakespeare), and meeting new participants Paul Pope (Battling Boy), Jerzy and Anne Drozd (http://comicsaregreat.com/), Matt Phelan (Storm in the Barn), Laur Uy (Polterguys) and everyone else I’m blanking on.

Also, it was immensely gratifying to have more than 150 people pack the room for our Busting the Comics Code panel, with the marvelous Carol Tilley presenting on the history of comics censorship and the 1950s comics scare.  Carol tells the best stories about comics, and I was so jazzed to be a part of that panel!

What’s Making Us Happy This Week!


ADTWO15In what may be the most morose Happy of all time, I’m really glad Hyperbole and a Half has updated for the first time in over a year. Allie’s last post before disappearing was a very frank discussion of the onset of a serious depressive period, which made her absence both understandable and troubling. Her new post makes it clear that she hasn’t found some magical cure but may be on the mend. It’s amazing how a blog can trick you into thinking of someone as a good friend, even though you have to double-check their name and can only picture them as a weird MS Paint stick person.



I was happy that I had 150 kids and teens show up for my inaugural Free Comic Book Day/Star Wars Day Extravaganza at my library!  I gave away all my comics, and we watched all 6 hours of the original trilogy.  By the end of the day I was so jacked up on popcorn and sugar, I never thought I’d fall asleep.  🙂


Matt M.

I had vacation with Dallas Comic Con smack dab in the middle of it. 🙂



This five-minute preview of Makoto Shinkai’s new animated feature “Garden of Words” makes me want to slip into the rainy, beautiful world he’s created.  As always seems to happen with his work, everything slows down–brain chatter, blood pressure–so I can focus on the imagery and the sound and the story.  And this one looks to be lovely.  I look forward to finding out where he takes it.


What’s Making Us Happy This Week


I just saw that Guillermo Del Toro and Steven Thompson (from Dr. Who and the BBC Sherlock) are developing a series based on Naoki Urasawa’s Monster!  Monster is probably my favorite manga series and I cannot wait to see what they do with it.



I was tickled by these signs I found on Etsy. I hadn’t really thought of it that way, but it’s a good point!



Mine is based around my ability to show off my Hawkeye pride: I just got my cozy new hoodie with the most excellent Hawkeye fanart front and center by Jennifer Jeong (aka blue).  Her art tumblr is here, and her shop is here!



Last week a co-worker asked me if we had that Hawk-guy comic everyone was talking about. I put a hold on Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon for her and this week she checked it out and read it. Bringing it back, she admitted that it was her first ever superhero comic and she’d really liked it! (Though she was baffled by the changing artist and was glad I’d told her ahead of time that the Young Avengers issue stuck at the end of the volume wasn’t the same book.)



What’s Making Us Happy This Week


Hench-Man TitleI’m so excited!  I have a totally legit happy this week!!  My brother wrote the script for a comic, and he partnered with an artist in January.  They’ve been updating their blog with some funny games/surveys/”informational” posts from the perspective of characters.  However, they now have actual pages in color that they’ve posted.  It’s a darkly funny comic starring a henchman who has been keeping his identity secret from his family, until he’s the subject of a hit.  His family never knew that he was a “bad guy”, so there are some definite trust issues.  Anyway, the posts up until now have been fun with subjects like your henchman IQ, the Bieberpocalypse, how evil are you, and Henchmen Handbook excerpts.  However, I finally have permission to share, and I am, obviously, a proud little sister.  Check it out- Greg Wright and Rose McClain’s comic Hench-Man.


Okay, this may be old news to you all but a friend just sent me this gallery. It’s full of drawings of Star Wars characters as if they were starring in an ’80s high school movie and they’re hilariously perfect. As someone said in the comments, “these are not the nerds you’re looking for.”



I have been really happy this week reading the Army of Darkness comics.  I’ve been maxing out my Evil Dead/Army of Darkness DVDs this week after seeing the remake, and I realized I’d never read the Dynamite comic series!  It’s really funny and in the same spirit as the movie.  And, Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness is a hoot!




I’m excited because I just got Injustice for my PS3.  I’m planning to play this evening and will report back.  I’m excited they got the voice actors from the cartoon and the reviews I’ve seen so far have been very positive.  Plus, I love anything with Harley Quinn.




If it’s not too late, I just heard the April 18th is the 75th Anniversary of Superman.  I’m sure many of us think 90% of his adventures aren’t as engaging as other titles and characters (he’s always been a little too Super), but let’s face it. Without Big Blue we just might not have comic books and graphic novels today.  Happy Birthday Supes!




As you all know, it’s been a tough week here in Boston with the attacks on the Boston Marathon on Monday.  What has made me happy this week, though, is seeing everyone come together to help, to remind each other of the good in humanity amid the fear and confusion and violence.  And, as I find is often the case, the comics community always reaches out in ways I can admire, like this wallpaper fundraiser from the webcomic JL8.  Well done, and we Bostonians very much appreciate all the shows of support from all over the world.


What’s Making Us Happy This Week


My happy is that I got pics of my pet rats “reading” Babymouse. And my copy of volume one only got a little nibbled in the process.

Ziva reads Babymouse


I finally started watching Adventure Time. I don’t know how I could have missed this, its so beautifully and wonderfully weird. I love it!



My happy for this week is that Off*beat will finally get its third volume, via the new Chromatic Press from once-Tokyopop-editor-extraordinaire Lillian Diaz-Pyrzbyl!  Weeeeeeee!

Jen Lee Quick’s Off*beat was the most annoyingly left incomplete series by Tokyopop’s collapse, for me and many of my teen readers.

Brigid Alverson did a great interview with the Chromatic Press folks over here. And I’m just happy to have heard about it!





So, my happy this week is how much I’m enjoying being part of the Gender Through Comic Books Super MOOC!  I am really loving it!  And, these first two weeks I’m reading things I’ve never read before.  I really liked Strangers in Paradise which was awesome, and I can’t believe I haven’t read it before now.  And, due to my overwhelming love for Batman, there never was much room in my heart for Superman, but I’m happy to be reading him for the first time for this week’s lesson!


My happy is that, regardless of cutbacks at the University of Alberta, my online comic book course is a go — and it is almost full a week after registration opened. Happy dance.

What’s Making Us Happy This Week


For me, my happy is really simple.  Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon is out and I can finally make my library users read it!



I spent this morning curled up in my papasan chair with a warm cat on my lap, coffee cooling at my side, and volume 11 of Takehiko Inoue’s wonderful Real manga in my happy, happy hands.  I had constant goosebumps as I anxiously flipped the pages and cheered and talked excitedly to the characters (behavior which the cat kindly ignored).  *sigh*  Mmmmm, so good!



I bought a beautiful slipcase edition of Jodorowsky’s The Metabarons. Love Gimenez’s art.



I finally, finally, finally broke down and got the rest of Death Note: The Black Edition.  Somehow the size of these double-length volumes is just right.

Also, major props to our own Jack, who was my Emerald City Comicon spy and scored me the con-exclusive bonus card for the Machine of Death: The Game by webcomickers David Malki! of Wondermark and Kris Straub of Broodhollow.  I’ve spent entirely too much in helping fund this Kickstarter, and now the completist in me is tenting his fingers with an evil grin and murmuring “Ex—cellent.”