Blue Exorcist

By Kazue Kato
Art by Kazue Kato
ISBN: 9781421540320
VIZ, 2011
Publisher Age Rating: Teen
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Elevator Pitch: Rin Okumura was raised by a powerful exorcist, but one day learns that he’s really the son of Satan. He attends True Cross Academy to follow in his adoptive father’s footsteps, but he can’t keep his inheritance a secret for long.

Why This Next: Just as Uzumaki Naruto gets his powers from the nine-tailed fox demon without his parents to guide him, Rin Okumura must keep his inherited demonic powers in check while using them to exorcise others. Another parallel: Naruto and his friends age up through school together and wind up battling a great evil at the end of their exams, while Rin and his friends age up through exorcist school and wind up battling Satan!

Recommended by: Thomas Maluck

Black Clover

By Yuki Sabata
Art by
ISBN: 9781421587189
VIZ, 2016
Publisher Age Rating: Teen
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Elevator Pitch:Born into a world where Wizards keep the peace, Asta—an orphan from the boonies—vows he will rise above all others to lead as the Wizard King. Sadly, he lacks an ounce of magic in his body. While his rival and brother Yuno is naturally gifted and expected to rise through the ranks of the Magic Knights with ease, Asta receives an unexpected surprise when he discovers he wields a unique power which repels magic.

Why This Next: Asta’s personality as well as his determination to become the Wizard King will remind readers of Naruto’s own quest to become Hokage. Though the relationship between Yuno and Asta is less antagonistic than Sasuke and Naruto, the differences between someone for whom things come easily and someone who applies hard work and elbow grease will have readers feeling at home immediately.

Recommended by: Jessikah Chautin