Leslie, described as a “simple pig girl,” is getting to the age that her government mandates coupling for procreation. All other forms of romantic relationships are banned, with “re-education” camps for offenders. This wouldn’t usually bother Leslie, except she keeps having steamy dreams… of a wolf man. She doesn’t know who the wolf is, but reality pales in comparison to the dream. 

She is automatically enrolled in a matchmaking program, which in turn has been infiltrated by some kind of cultists who believe that Leslie is the reincarnation of a blue haired pig woman from ancient prophecy. It turns out that the cult is correct, and Leslie ends up on the run for her life, trying not to draw too many people into her orbit, because her friends are being killed to get to her. So now she has to evade capture, fight the cult, and possibly overthrow a tyrannical government. 

That’s a lot for anyone to handle, and Leslie certainly has her moments of weakness, frustration, and loss. As a reader this happens a few too many times, with the story being reset to a status quo of “on the run, and struggling against a power within her.” There’s nothing wrong with that, but I felt the story went on maybe an issue or two too long, and could have avoided at least one of those detours.

While the plotting is fine, Mirka Andolfo’s art shines, and it is easy to see why she is blowing up in the industry. The art is cartoony, sexy, and violent, often in the same image. Dream sequences with the white wolf are frequently nude, and the characters are drawn to be attractive even though they are animals. All in all, it reminds me of an adult take on Zootopia more than anything else. 

The occasional bloody violence and the frequent nude scenes mean this is a comic for adult readers and it should be cataloged appropriately. In light of that, I would recommend it for larger public libraries, but I wouldn’t say it’s a “must purchase” for those of us with a tighter budget. 

Unnatural Omnibus
By Mirka Andolfo
Image, 2021
ISBN: 9781534320598

Publisher Age Rating: M

NFNT Age Recommendation: Adult (18+)
Creator Representation: Italian

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