In a story told mostly through a series of flashbacks, Miranda’s world is revealed to be a massive multiverse connected through major storms that pop up suddenly and are known to be able to destroy the host world. Believed to be the last of her kind, Miranda is hops between worlds, hoping to find her parents after they got separated from her while trying to leave their universe during a destructive maelstrom. As Miranda learns how to survive on her own in a universe with water for wind and giant wolves, she finds a new family of shark dogs that help her. When one of the pups, Noodles, gets swept up in a storm, Miranda goes with him, starting her on her world-hopping adventure. 

Normally, I’m not a fan of changing artists for each issue in a connected story, but in a multiverse tale it works really well as a way of differentiating and emphasizing certain characteristics of each world and the characters that live there. The colors are especially important, helping readers identify recurring characters. The individual issues hold enough story to stand on their own, while also weaving together overarching story threads.  

Teenage patrons who are fascinated by Marvel’s multiverse will probably enjoy this new offering the most, especially if they like a well-rounded female lead. Patrons who enjoy sci-fi adventures will likely pick this one up as well. 

Miranda in the Maelstrom, Vol. 1 
By Riley Dashiell Biehl
Art by  Koi Carreon, Dailen Ogden, Jamie Jones, Drew Moss
Action Lab, 2021
ISBN: 9781632296054

Publisher Age Rating: A for All

NFNT Age Recommendation: Teen (13-16)

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