In Peanuts: Scotland Bound, Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown is back and travels across the pond to Scotland for an unforgettable and humorous adventure to the green pastures of Edinburgh, Scotland. The graphic novel is based on an unproduced feature-length special of Charles Schulz.

This  is an enjoyable adventure. The Peanuts characters are portrayed just the way we remember them. It opens with Lucy giving one her ‘therapy sessions” in her iconic booth. She is surprised to see Charlie Brown whistling, since this is out of character to his usually melancholic nature. He is happy because he has received a letter from his pen-pal, Morag. She wishes for Charlie Brown to visit Scotland and attend their International Music Festival. The gang decides to raise money for a trip to Scotland by hosting a carnival. The carnival is a success and the gang embarks on their Scottish adventure. 

On the plane trip, Charlie Brown is saddened to find that Morag has not one, but thirty pen-pals! However, a host family takes them in. They are taken to a traditional Edinburgh house by a young girl named Nell. Nell takes them on adventures through the city. All the usual tropes and sights and sounds of Scotland are mentioned. The gang visits many historical sites such as olde town theater and St. Andrews, and the site of the battle of Culloden.

Illustrator Robert Pope does an excellent job illustrating humor and movement. In one scene, we see Charlie Brown question out loud whether he should learn how to play the bagpipes. We see Linus throw his hands up in the air and express his dismay. This is typical of Linus’ dramatic nature—‘being the voice of reason’. The colors are vibrant and reflect the liveliness of the characters and their long journey. Snoopy, the lovable beagle, is decked out in Scottish gear such as a traditional Tam o’shanter cap and even brings along golf clubs. 

On Nell’s family farm they even see sheep and ‘Coos’ (how the Scottish pronounce cows). The ‘Coos’ are big brown shaggy cows, with wagging tongues. They are adorable and add humor to this adorable adventure. In one comical scene, we witness the Peanuts riding in a boat and freak out after thinking they see the traditional Scottish mythological creature Nessie. They all are capsized out of the boat and we see the many dramatic expressions of the characters. It is even funnier when they discover a large ‘coo’ hiding in the bushes. 

Author Jason Cooper does a good job incorporating the humor and personality of the characters that we love. He stays loyal to Charle Schulz’s characters and that’s important for Peanuts fans of all ages. 

This is a fun read that will leave Peanuts fans wanting more. We see the Peanuts gang in a new environment. The loving nature of Peanuts is enduring, and this comic will appeal to new generations of fans.

Peanuts: Scotland Bound, Charlie Brown
By Charles Schultz, Jason Cooper
Art by  Robert Pope
BOOM! KaBOOM!, 2021
ISBN: 9781684156818

NFNT Age Recommendation: Middle Grade (7-11)

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