Jeremy Haun and Danny Luckert have returned with the second volume of The Red Mother, containing chapters five through eight. Once again, we follow Daisy, the victim of a brutal mugging that has left her with a prosthetic eye and a missing boyfriend. When we left Daisy at the end of the first volume, she was considering a job offer made to her by the enigmatic Leland Black. When we are reintroduced to Daisy, she accepts Black’s offer and continues a painstaking psychological journey to uncover the truth behind the horrific, spectral “Red Mother” figure that continues to haunt her. 

Haun, once again, delivers us great storytelling. Daisy is a fascinating figure, both as a trauma survivor and a woman with a voracious need to solve the mystery that surrounds her. Haun’s writing is fast-paced, engaging, and perfectly unsettling. Once again, Haun has a penchant for incorporating natural dialogue and mystery into what is a very unnatural horror story. I am thoroughly excited to continue following Daisy as she unravels the mystery of the Red Mother. 

In parallel, Luckert continues to deliver beautiful artwork and coloring to this story. Luckert’s ability to capture emotion and tone through his artwork is of particular note. We sense the foreboding and apprehension when Daisy enters Black’s workspace for an impromptu meeting. We see Daisy’s unending emotional distress. We feel the romantic tension between Daisy and her new love interest. And we definitely experience the panicked cringe when Daisy witnesses Black engaged in sex with a colleague. Luckert is a talented artist and his work ultimately elevates Haun’s storytelling. 

When practicing collection development there are two important factors to keep in mind. First, though this is a series that is ending soon. This means no years-long purchasing commitments. Second, The Red Mother, does seem to steadily be developing an audience among comic book readers. That is to say, though The Red Mother is not in high demand, it does appear to be in demand at comic book retailers. While this title may not fly off the shelves of your library, it is certainly a solid title to have available for patrons and an excellent pick to have in your back pocket for reader’s advisory. The Red Mother is the perfect pick for any adult comic reader with even a passing interest in horror. The Red Mother is absolutely worthy of consideration for your library.

The Red Mother, Vol. 2 2
By Jeremy Haun
Art by Danny Luckert
ISBN: 9781684156221
BOOM! Studios, 2020
Publisher Age Rating: 18+
Series ISBNS and Order

Title Details and Representation
NFNT Age Recommendation: Adult (18+)
Character Traits: American

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