Children have such vivid imaginations. With just one push, they can transport themselves into another world and be whoever they want. That is all it takes for Seamus to imagine himself as a noble pirate with his friend Fitcher in Christopher Ring’s graphic novel Seamus (the Famous). Thanks to this active child, readers are taken on an adventure with heroic characters and dangerous foes.

When Seamus and his cat/best friend Fitcher find a bag of old toys Mom wants to get rid of, the duo imagine themselves as pirates searching for treasure. They have a trusty crew and an old map that will aid them in their quest to find the lost treasure of Gunnar Forkbeard. With the fortune they find they can help their friends Mama Pearl and Camellia, who need help in keeping the orphanage up and running. But with the evil pirate Barracuda and his sinister crew on their tail, the duo needs to do some quick thinking if they want to find riches and save their friends.

Ring’s graphic novel allows readers into the imaginative mind of a young boy. The author/illustrator provides a fun, adventure story that children will want to read with two main characters that work well together. You have Seamus, who prefers to be an honest pirate, fighting for those who need an extra hand and using his wits to defeat his enemies. Fitcher the cat provides a good dose of comic relief, as well as taking up the task of being the reliable skipper every sea captain needs. Ring’s pirate world is filled with a variety of characters with distinguishing features, such as the pirate crews’ colorful clothing and Barracuda’s mechanical lobster claw. His bright color palette and use of comic onomatopoeia draws the readers attention to the action of each scene. After the adventure, reader’s will learn about the author, his creative process, early artwork of his characters, and a brief look at Seamus and Fitcher’s next imaginative tale.

Seamus (the Famous) will make a great addition to any public and elementary school library. With its creative story and characters, this graphic novel is a great choice for readers in 2nd and 3rd grade. They may even want to explore their own imaginations and create their own adventures on the high seas.

Seamus (the Famous) 
By Christopher Ring
ISBN: 9781632295521
Action Lab Entertainment, 2019

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