Madison Jackson, intern for the Boston Lede, is determined to be a reporter—and be taken seriously as a reporter. Her editor hasn’t said more than five words to her, the more seasoned journalists look down on her, and she keeps getting scooped by the competing newspaper. All she needs is one lead, one big break, to prove herself.

One night, she gets what she has been looking for: a dead body, a missing kid, and a guilty wife. It’s exciting, and Madison soon finds herself wrapped up in the middle of it all. Except, instead of telling the story, she becomes the story. The wife will only talk to Madison, and only through a series of cryptic messages. She wants Madison to figure out the mystery, and sends her on a wild chase throughout the city, which ultimately involves a lot of powerful people. In the end, Madison seemingly gets what she wanted: a big story. But at what cost?

Gaby Dunn is well-known on the internet. She used to work for Buzzfeed, had a popular YouTube channel, and now hosts podcasts and writes young adult books. This crossover into graphic novels draws on her past as a journalist, and it shows. The characters and setting feel realistic. Madison is naive, but smart and ambitious. She’s a perfect protagonist for readers to follow through the mystery.

Claire Roe’s illustrations are dark, but have a neon undertone. This is perfect for the noir-ish storyline and complements the action well. There is also a fully diverse cast with plenty of people of color and differing sexual orientations. This adds to the realism of the story and makes the characters relatable and authentic.

I would recommend this for older teens and adults due to violence and mild nudity. But Dunn and Roe make a good team and I look forward to more stories of Madison and the Boston Lede. This is a strong addition to the realistic graphic novel genre.

Bury the Lede
By Gaby Dunn
Art by Claire Roe
ISBN: 9781684154272
Boom! Studios, 2019
NFNT Age Recommendation: Older Teen (16-18), Adult (18+)

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Character Traits: Bisexual
Creator Highlights: LGBTQIA+ Creator

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