What are these cute little purple blobs? With their cheery curiosity, you can’t help but be amazed at their antics. There is just one thing you need to know…they are around when life on Earth has ended. This is all you know when you start reading Michelle Gish’s We Are Here Forever. Based on her webcomic, each episode takes readers into the lives of the Puramus, who have settled into a vacant world with only the remnants of human civilization left behind.

The Puramus have occupied Earth sometime after a catastrophic event that has destroyed the human and animal population (except for birds, but that is never explained). They are curious little things with childlike views of the world, understanding little about technology and why things are the way they are. They appear and act the same, but as the years go by, they develop their own personalities. Characters include the King and his three brave warriors who collect items from the “old world,” such as books, pillows, and skateboards. There is also Jingle, a young poet who tries to find the meaning of art and why there are no animals to be found. In a far-off planet, a group of Puramus try to find food and fulfill a mysterious vision. Lastly, there is the floating voyage of PuffPuff, a lone Puramus who finds himself floating in space and meeting strange beings.

An obvious draw with this comic is the cute Paramus. They populate the cover with their short tails, round purple bodies, small black slits for eyes, and wide pink mouths. With everything wrecked and overgrown around them, they tend to find amazement in everyday things and learn quickly how they can better their world. They are also polite creatures who have no disagreements with each other, except for one scene of battle that ends with a soldier using anger management practices with two feuding rulers. With that in mind, readers may not be fully aware of the post-apocalyptic world they inhabit but pay attention to the adventures of these little creatures. True, there is obvious evidence of the end of times (human skeletons, wrecked buildings, various items strewn around the streets), but you are able to look past that and see a humorous story. Gish’s artwork is cartoony with a bright color scheme, while providing more and more details about the landscape and the Puramus themselves as their world develops. Using these colors takes the gloom and doom out of the setting, as well, providing readers with funny stories and charming characters.

This is a great addition to any library’s graphic novel collection. Even though it may be geared more towards adults, high school students will find enjoyment in this book, especially those who are avid readers of webcomics and humorous graphic novels. The stories found within this graphic novel are only a sample of the series. Further adventures can be found on Michelle Gish’s website, along with her blog and links to her social media pages.

We Are Here Forever
By Michelle Gish
ISBN: 9781683691204
Quirk Books, 2019
NFNT Age Recommendation: Older Teen (16-18), Adult (18+)

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